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A Race to the Bottom with PvP?

So with the new matchmaking and trophy scoring it seems there is almost no way to go but down? I mean if I drop 40 trophies for each match I lose and only gain 20 for each one I win then I have to win 2 of every 3 matches just to stay even. Winning 50% is actually losing,

You will need to win 3 out of every 4 matches to move up, is that correct? Please let me know if I am mistaken on how this works post 1.9, because this doesn’t make sense to me.


They do this in the higher arenas to bring the top players down… actually everyone down and compresses players into a smaller range. In turn this adds to the matchmaking mess even more because there will be more stronger teams being pitting against even weaker teams.

If your falling slowly, so is everyone else all together. You get down far enough, instead of loosing 40 trophy’s it becomes 39, then 38 then 37 , etc. As you go down your winning amount that is now 20 will go to 21, then 22 then 23, etc till it evens to 30/30. I don’t know where that point is or which arena.

They do this on purpose so the super good high players will have someone to fight else they just keep climbing out of range of other players. They still might if they are really good with great super boosted teams.

They could just make a cap where you can’t climb above but I suppose there would be a problem with this also.


Matchmaking and trophy allocations have always been strange, but the trophy distribution has been nightmarish for some of us since 1.9 dropped. Essentially, the algorithm assumes that my team is stronger than every single team that I battle, so I lose 35-40 trophies for every loss and gain less than 25 for every win. I have a well boosted team that averages level 26, but I fell below 5000 for awhile yesterday even as far worse teams are now going over 5000. I even lost 40 trophies in a battle against someone with 7 level 30 uniques - a team that will defeat me at least 80 percent of the time. I can only assume that the current system is the result of a big or error - whatever the case, it needs to be addressed immediately.


If this is a programming mathematical error, it would not surprise me they made this. In a short time, lower players will be getting matched to much higher teams even more as higher teams are dropping from this, unless the lower teams are having this same issue also.

I think whats most strange is the vast difference in experiences between players. Im sitting at 4900 which is 400 trophies higher then i was when 1.9 dropped.

In top of that im running into the fairest fights ive encountered since boosts were implemented. Rarely do have i had a match go 3-1 let alone 3-0.

Meanwhile ive leveled 3 members of my team one which raised my highest level dino with 0 changes to my opponent pool.

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I get more losses on days that boosts are for sale. Shocker.


I lost 4 and won 3 a little while ago to stock up on incubators so it isn’t all a downward spiral.

One battle I lost 20 trophies which was really odd since I’m not used to seeing that low a number and the next I won 30.

The battle I lost 20 trophies on had things such as a lv 28, tier 8 Speed Thor (Which I slaughtered) but they had other stuff such as a lv 26, tier 7 all across Tryko. So I lost.

I am in Aviary. Though something might have been tinkered with again or it is possible that a different pool of people happen to be playing at that time. Three days ago I won four battles in a row but I was playing around 2pm on a weekday.

So, after many weeks I upgraded my Erlidom and lost every battle since then. I‘m facing lvl 28-30 ridiculously boosted creatures and flew from 5080 to low 4900, tendency falling.

I absolutely know why I haven‘t paid anything since months.

This crap is so frustrating and gets worse every update. Ludia is the only one punishing u for progressing after weeks. Great. :+1::+1:


I run 3 lengendaries in my team, battling in low lockwood library, so perhaps the lengendaries help to bring better mm? Vs having an all unique team. But I do meet crazy boosted team once in a while, just earlier today I fought a speed 151 monostego :laughing:

It seems to me like 5000 is now the central trophy target.

If you are below that then you will get 35-40 for a win and 25-30 for a loss.
If you are above that, then it is reversed.

The idea is that they need to consolidate all the players in that range because there are not enough active players at any given time to allow normal matchmaking to function.

I used to fret and cuss over every loss and every drop in trophies… but no longer. I don’t even care about my score any more. I win a few and lose a few… but eventually kill enough and win enough to get my incubators for the day.

I now fluctuate in Aviary between 4600 and 4875. It seems to depend on the time of day as to the level of the opponents I get. Sometimes I lose 0-3 and sometimes I win 3-0.

What I’m saying is that it helps to remember that trophy count is NO LONGER a measurement of how good you are… it’s just a matchmaking variable that is being manipulated by the app to cluster us into a larger pool centered around 5000. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Stop stressing over the number. Just fight.


I mean at the end of the day all trophies mean right now is how much miragaia dna were gonna get at the end of the season.


For me it is a sense of progression as well, as it indicates if I am close to entering a new arena or dropping back to an old one. I don’t like putting in the time and effort of creating and leveling all of these great, unique dinos to continually drop. I know it’s just a silly game at the end of the day, but with the amount of time people put into playing JWA it’s nice to see progress.

So it is very interesting to see lower level and less rare dinos breaking that 5000 barrier when I cannot.

Does seems that 5000 is the target @Mitchell_Hein.


This is the wiser post I have read for months. I still don’t get how it’s possible that matchmaking always select rivals over 5000 for me when I am just in the 4500-4700 range. Never lower, always several hundreds better, it’s ridiculous. If I win it’s for punching above my weight but losing streaks are most common trend.


Yes, not to be a conspiracy theorist, but whenever I hit 4950 trophies I will lose 5 or more matches in a row. Once I hit 4700 I start winning again. Just funny the way it plays out…


Yes, I almost reached library and lost 12 matches in a row. Just for leveling Proceratomimus I am about to fall from aviary to Lockwood. Funny thing is that while having 4700 points rivals high scores were 5400 and 5300 and lost all games 3-0 or 3-1. Really frustrating matchmaking…

This would be fine and all if we had a FORFEIT option, but outside of just putting my phone down, and having something else to do that requires only a minute or three of attention, it’s just wasting our time. Some of us can only play on our breaks, and these awfully-imbalanced matches soak up those minutes like greedy sponges. It’s at the point now where I might win against Ludia’s pity-computer opponents when I lose too often only during a break and have to collect just the one incubator.

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