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A random thought

I was thinking earlier about the delay in the 1.7 release last week.

Do you all think that the issues we are experiencing are the reason for the set back?

If they’re not, then what problems were worse than this that required a delay in release I wonder. :thinking:

As we have issues with all aspects of the game, I think it was way worse. Even in this state 1.7 shouldn’t be released. PVP is one big disaster, darting is stuck in a marmelade. For me even gps tracking doesn’t work normally after update, while in PoGo works just fine.

P.S.: I think we met yesterday in arena @Asta. I’m Dinotris in game.

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Hmm, maybe. I ran a test yesterday to see how bad the match making was. I tried 175 times, 105 time outs and 70 completed matches. Roughly 25 were timed out in the middle of the match. I was able to finish a few of them though.

So it is possible we did. Hopefully it was a good battle?

Edit: I’m also currently at 4453 trophies and seeing opponents over 5200.

Ouch, you did a lot of battle. Yeah yesterday was painful in arena with all those timeouts.

It was a good battle. Remember that I won 3-2 cause I have boosted speed on Thor (24) and got the hit first against your Thor.

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I just started adding speed to my Thor today. So I’m a little behind. My speed boosts have gone towards my swap in Draco counters that were slower than it. Thor is at 113 spd right now I think.

Thankfully I had a slow night at work yesterday or I wouldn’t of been able to do it. Lol

Feel free to friend me if we battle again. I’ve been sparring with a bunch of people for the up coming tournament.

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