A rare moment to savour!


I am at 3530 trophies now (and I usually go between that and 3300). So am kinda in that zone where it’s difficult to advance further given the level of my dinos (level 11 with my first team in dire need of levelling up).

So it was a nice surprise that I just won 5 battles in a row - enough to fill up all my incubator slots. Can’t remember when that has ever happened (maybe in the beginning when I was just starting out), and it’s quite a moment to savour, as I usually lose 6 times or so before I win 1 at that number of trophies (34-3500). And the opposing teams were quite decent. The RNG gods must have been smiling at me because the crits and stuns happened at crucial moments. A nice way to cap the evening especially after losing to the Indoraptor today when I got it down to 200 plus. :frowning_face:

But back to the usual win-lose ratio tmr I guess.

Anyone else had a similar experience of late? Like a losing streak followed by a “wait what just happened? Why am I winning suddenly?” :sweat_smile:


Absolutely mate. I’m at level 11, and It’s a struggle battling lvl 20 legendaries. Can’t really level up my team because of the coin wall. :+1:t2::pensive:


That coin wall is a real nightmare. I have 90 dinosaurs and 45 of them need leveled but cant. It has slowed my play a lot.


You are NOT supposed to use coins to level everything up. That’s a sure way to deplete your coin supply. I have 105 level-ups I’m ignoring at the moment.


Haha, I am sure he was just exaggerating and implied the need of lot of coins!

Anyways, you are correct. One should think of what team they would like to keep for the long term and only invest coins leveling up those dinos. If you are not sure about some dino on your team, then do not invest beyond a certain limit, lest you regret later.

Also, the meta changing from time to time is another reason one needs to keep updating their team.


Aaaand things are back to normal. Lost 12 times in a row. Lost to Tragodistis at the last moment more times than I care to count. :unamused: