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A rare praise for Ludia

The best thing that happened with update 2.6 is the increase of the spawn rate. My brother and me can dart so much more dinos from home now. Especially rare ones are seen more often.
For once Ludia has done something good…thank you :slight_smile:


i’m thoroughly enjoying the increase spawn rate. seeing so many more epics. its been great.


@Ned @Eugene @E.D you can forward this to the team which usually only hears complaints😅. I hope the spawns will be kept like that.


Loved that too, didn’t sound anything special in the release notes but when it comes to the game there’s much more stuff available to dart. Another thing I liked about 2.6 is everything request related, although some bug fixes is still needed I appreciate how we get more chances to request as well as more time to collect from the teammates!

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I ended up with fewer spawns around my house. And fewer supply drops. :slightly_frowning_face:

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But they seriously need to fix the strike tower problem, we always see the rubbish strike towers (15m/3hr inc) everywhere then the boost ones are scarce and the epic ones are always nowhere to be seen