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A "rat"dical idea

Just a thought, what if draco’s swap in move deals 1x damage if you do a hard swap in. But if you can chain it with a swap out move, e.g. Impact and run, the damage becomes 1.5?
This is to curtail the current abuse (you’ll be more hesitant to hard swap since it only deals 1x damage) and to incentivise some degree of combo play with other dinos.(you get a higher damage output if you can successfully link it with a swap out move).

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Anything higher than x1 upon swapping in is too much.


the 1.5 damage only triggers if you can chain it with a swap out move, so if the rng selection don’t pick any swapping dinos for the other 3, you won’t get 1.5 damage output from draco.
Even if a swapping dino is selected, you have to play in such a way the swap out ties in with the draco swap in, to get the 1.5 damage.
Its a risk and reward thing, you risk putting in draco in the team in place of another dino, so if the risk pays off, you can potentially get off a 1.5 damage move. Otherwise, well you are screwed lol

In any circumstance, anything above x1 damage upon swapping in is too much.


Agreed, it should be defense shattering 1x damage. And all other swap ins should be given damage - between 0.5x and 1x + 100% chance for their status change effects to happen.

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All swap in moves shouldn’t be direct damage. Everything except sia rampage, impact, or strike is fine

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This is actually not that bad though. If anything it’s better than what they’re doing with it right now. However, I have to agree that swap in moves should be tactical not attacking with over 1x dmg.


main reason not to have defense shattering is to make tanks still viable/survivable after such attack.
And damage can be further calibrated:
hard swap in = x0.5 damage
chained with a swap out move = x1 damage


I figured since every other swap in came with a status change, defense shattering was fine. Maybe regular 1x damage and anything with a status change is .75 or .5 damage.

See I feel the opposite, I think all should do damage, but 1x should be the highest. Otherwise swap ins are just kind of a way to get your dino killed.

I’ll never understand how they ever thought swap in rampage was balanced. So when a creature does rampage and run to DC, i have to take TWO rampages before i get to attack. Two BOOSTED rampages. Were talking 9k+ damage before i get a turn. What does balance even mean anymore?



Tbh if a player can chain a combo which results in a win or knock out a dino, (which is not so straight forward, since you need a couple of factors to be in favor as mentioned above) he/she should be rewarded, I’m fine with that, I’ll put my hands up and say good play.
But there should be some difference btw hard swap and combo swap. Having this mechanic will make the win more satisfying and make the move look less cheap.

The SI-abilities are all situational, although ones like SI-Invincibility, Defence, Dodge, Evasion and Distraction are good for avoiding big hits.

SI-stun allows for a free swap when it works (which should be most of the time), giving you a free hit against slow opponents.

SI-wound allows you damage an opponent even if it has armour, shields or distracting moves, and can be timed to coincide with a non-damaging move like instant-distraction. It also makes it beneficial to save it’s possessor for later even if it’s low on health, since it can allow you to save a sweeper from a sticky situation and still do damage after it’s possessor is KO’d.

SI-Slow can allow you to stop a fast sweeper in its tracks, potentially ruining a setup and allowing you to get a free hit in. Even if the dino being swapped in is low on health, it’s a good setup for a revenge kill, allowing you to setup your own sweeper or tank.

SI-Nullification is admittedly not that great, and I don’t have much experience using it anyway. It can ruin a setup, but it’s risky.

SI-Ferocity can occasionally come in handy if your opponent is low on health and has used up it’s big-hitting moves, allowing you to sneak in a counterattack and take it out regardless of its speed.

The non-damaging (directly anyway) SIs can mean the difference between victory and loss, and should definitely not be underestimated.