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A Rat Lover's Story (tl;dr at end)

I started playing this game a little over a year ago. Since the beginning, I have always dedicated countless hours to improving my roster and my team. The goal was never to be the top player in this game, but just to have a strong, competitive team.

When I started, Dracoceratops (the rat) was not a thing. The swap in dino at that time was Dracorex Gen 2 (dg2). I remember finally making it to the badlands and fighting a team that swapped in to kill me with a dg2 for the first time. I was amazed that my super powerful Allosaurus just got taken out with a swap in shot and there was nothing I could do. My initial reaction was jealousy, not anger. I needed to figure out how I could get my weak dg2 strong enough to do that exact same thing to other teams.

Once the rat was released, and it turned out to be even better than dg2, I realized it was going to be a race to power that monster up to beat other teams. I went on a relentless 6 month hunt for every dg2 I could find. Living in Area 4 and working in Area 3 made it a difficult task. I had to make a decision there - how to best get to Area 2 as often as possible.

I changed my daily route to work to drive an extra 10 minutes, stopping at every dg2 on the side of the road to dart. I took my family to the not as good, more expensive Mexican restaurant for dinner 5 miles away in Area 2 instead of the better one by my house. I had family members sharing my phone to dart dinos at the dinner table. We picked up fast food from the slow drive through McDonalds in Area 2 just to get an extra 300 dna. I busted my tail to scrape up every last piece of dna possible to piece together that monster from scratch.

After months and months of hard work, gas sacrifices, route and schedule changes, I finally pieced together my level 30 rat. I purchased as many boosts as I possibly could to put into it, and it finally came to fruition. It wasn’t easy at all - it took countless hours of hard work to get it to where it is. I did all of this knowing it could possibly get nerfed…and it did. A recent update took away the defense shattering ability. Yet people still complain about the rat being overpowered.

When I read all of the forum comments about people who say how the rat is unfair, I think to myself “what is stopping any of these players from working hard themselves to get one of their own?” I can’t think of a reason.

When I read people commenting that it is a sign of weakness to use one, I think to myself “if it is so weak, how come some of the top players on the leaderboard have a rat on their team?”

When I hear people comment that it is poor form or how it takes no skill to use one, then I think to myself “what makes a swap in attack any different than a bleed, an immunity, or a dodge? Why aren’t there any comments about using those being poor form or a lack of skill?”

In the end, it all kind of sounds like a lot of jealousy and bitterness to me. I love my rat and I do not mind others using their rats on me either. If you put in the work to get it, I applaud your efforts because I know how much of a struggle it was to get mine. If anyone thinks that trying to shame rat users in the forum or letting a 15 second timer count down will stop ME from enjoying the fruits of my labor, sorry but you are sadly mistaken.

tl;dr - I worked too hard and sacrificed too much time, money, and gas to ever stop using my rat.



Can you even see objectivley?

I respect you effort, work and dedication to build up the DC.

But Hey,

Show me another level 30 dino in you team?

Or, is it even okay to have a level 30 DC that have the power to even take out FULL-HEALTH NEW dinos…?

Let’s change perspective.

My Erliko is level 25 and have health 3943.
I have spend TONS of MORE time to build it then two needed common dinos of build DC.

So what perspective is most vaulable?


Neither, this a game that you put your OWN time and wasn’t chosen by ludia or anyone else besides YOU.

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Who decide the stats of the dinos?

This specific dino have better stats then some uniqes, this is a problem.

That people have invested so much time in to this mass hysteria says everything.

As requested. Not sure how it is relevant though?


you miss read by post, you can put all the all the time and effort into this game, make goals for yourself but it doesn’t make you better than anyone else especially people who use a mechanic in any game.


No jealousy or bitterness here, just a desire to fight the old-fashioned way like we all did before DracoceRAT-OPs was a thing. I’ve been playing since this game was launched, and this is my rat. I originally leveled it for the Lord Lythronax strike on April Fools Day. Now I continue to level it for future difficult bot battles like the final campaign battle against tier 8 boosted dinos. My highest boost is tier 6, so I’ll need all the help I can get.

As you can see, I refuse to put it on my team. I’d rather fight actual players with dinos that don’t cause as much rage and drama as the rat. It’s more fun, to me anyway.


I put a ton of effort and 19 months into my Magnum, and it can be one shorted by your rat that I have to just assumed you have! There is no way to know or prepare for this monstrosity, the only skill behind rat is the planning that the opponent does to avoid losing Dino’s to rat.


My main point is that I worked exceptionally hard to get my rat to where it is, and I take exception to those who claim it was easy to do.

Right now I am doing the exact same thing for smilonemys. I am driving out of the way past 4 parks, wasting all of my FIPs on Carbonemys and pushing hard to make it. I will also be just as irritated 10 months down the line when the conversation to nerf smilonemys comes around, and all of the people chirp about how easy it is to make, and how it requires no skill to use in battle.

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I understand you worked hard to create the rat. I also understand you needed something powerful enough to help you push through the arenas. But seriously, there are plenty of other Legendary dinos to collect that are bettter than Dracoceratops! I have Allosino, Trystronix, Indominus, etc. They do great in battles and are not complained about in the community. On that note, I highly suggest you give up talking about your rat. Trust me, don’t get on the wrong side of the community. You can keep using your rat, but stop praising him in front of a anti-rat community.


It’s a good thing forum doesn’t have downvotes.


To be honest, I think EVERYONE in this community KNOWS how hard it is to level ANY dino.

The grinding of only commons takes time and effort in another way then maby finding all the Epics you need.

I just mean it’s difference between thing and things.

The salty debate of DC is grounded up on many layers.

I won’t go in to all of them.

From my perspective is the DC a HUGE AND BAD move to APPRICIATE the hard work everyone done to evolve their dinos.

When you hit a NEW FULL HEALTH dino, you also crush someone time, as youself do when finding all that dna to build you DC.

We should respect each other more then hitting the DC everywhere.


I could not care any less about the downvotes. I do see daily posts hating on the rat, and people starting to say things like “every single player hates the rat and it needs to be removed”.

…not EVERY single player.


I’m not sure “one single player" is going to sway anyones opinions.

  1. its super easy to make.
  2. i dont want to use a stinking rat on my team and never have, thats what stops me from using the cheapshot artest.
  3. its a slight nerf. it still comes in with a rampage.
  4. it is a sign of weakness, not a weak dino.
  5. the top use it because the top use it and they want to stay on top…
  6. you said it yourself, when dg2 came in and took out your allo, you were stunned because you couldnt stop it. well this thing is running around doing the same thing. a rampage that you can only guess when its coming.
  7. if its no biggy and its just like a bleed move, then give it to all dinos…

So true, ManOfFour!


This is why I am speaking up. People see this huge mob hating on the rat, and nobody wants to speak up, possibly because they are scared of getting flamed.

I am not trying to sway opinions on the rat. I am trying to say not everyone is part of the mob.

As far as it being easy to make, sure if you live in area 2 maybe. Not all of us have access to Area 2 all the time. I didn’t, and I had to work for mine much harder than any of the area 3 or 4 dinos.


Nothing stops others from creating one, certainly didn’t stop me. But I choose not to play it because it is not the way I want to win and not the way I would prefer the game to be played. Immunity, bleed, etc. all have their place because none of those things can one-shot you on a swap in. You have time to react/plan.

When the (boosted) Rat first hit the scene, I would try to guess if the player (usually leading with a bleeder) was going to Rat me. I was jumping at shadows (what IF he has the Rat) and needlessly swapping. Since then I’ve learned to deal; bring out Magna (aka Rat bait) or whatever, let him get his licks in and play 3 on 3 but to have to guess each and every round is not strategy, it’s literally just RNG.

I don’t see how Smilonemys is anything like the Rat, unless turtles start falling from the sky. It’s exponentially easier to find commons, especially when one was rewarded to us, weekly, for an extended period of time. Like you said, you had to go out and hunt DG2, but honestly, how many tric2’s did you have to hunt? Half? A quarter? It wasn’t until 29 that I even had to START hunting them.

IMO, it’s not about how “powerful” a creature is, it’s “is this creature in line with how easy it is to create”. Smilonemys, Tryko, etc. pass that test - the Rat and the ProcRat simply do not.


I hope you can realize FishNPocket that the rat is not the way to win. I used to go for the rat as well. Do you want to know why I stopped? First, I did not live in Area 2, so the was nothing I could do to collect Dracorex GEN 2 DNA. Secondly, I noticed how easily people could just succeed with one unpredictable move. I thought that such a strategy was lazy. And it is! Keep in mind that not everyone has VIP status or WIFI that works everywhere you go. So yeah, I still think the rat is a lazy man’s hybrid.

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I don’t have access to much of area 2 either. took me months to get DC way after most people already had it. She’s lv 20 with t5 boosts. I use her as a kamakazi dino. She won’t survive against what I send her in on, but does enough damage for something else to finish it off and be set up for the next. Rarely do i use her to win a match or continuously swap her in and out. At a reasonably level and boots, she’s not that horrible.
Granted, I’ll probably end up replacing her at some point anyway. There are a few dinos i want to try out in her place.