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A Real Life Jurassic Park

Some of you know that there were claims by Elon Musk and his associates that a real life Jurassic World is within the realm of possibility. I would like to know what all of your opinions are on this matter.

  • I would love to see a real life JP!! Yay, dinosaurs!!
  • No, this is a stupid idea and should never happen!!

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I can see this going two ways

  1. Basically what happens in JP & JW happens once again but in real life
  2. We know what we are doing and have common knowledge to care for the animals in proper ways that a JP/JW is truly safe and sustainable

As long as the people working at/creating this JW know what they are doing, are professionals, are sure every precaution is taken, are sure that the park is 100% safe, and that the dinosaurs and other possible creatures are in a good proper friendly habitat unbothered by ignorant guests, then I may be fine with it.


There’s literally five movies about they this is a bad idea, and all of them are fairly realistic in terms of how people can behave. There is some thematic stuff involved, but I have no doubt someone would want to weaponize dinos or keep them as pets


Oh yes that would definitely most likely become a thing
I think it would probably be worse especially if the creators of dinosaurs kept their secret, it’ll be dennis nedry sabotage thing all over again lol


Tbh, if they actually managed to pull it off, the animals wouldn’t be true dinosaurs anyway.

They’d obviously have to start the “de-evolution” process with birds, and even though birds are nowadays considered actual dinosaurs (which makes what I said above kinda paradoxical, but hear me out), it’s unlikely that any of the hundreds of species we have discovered are, in fact, direct ancestors of birds.


Ok, so here’s the thing. One, it is scientifically impossible to fully EVER reconstruct a non-avian dinosaur. Regardless of Jack Horner’s “Chickenosaurus project”, the closest we will ever get to a dinosaur is a mutated, horrifying avian creature that will probbaly suffer from many genetic defects. That is a severe lack of ethics and a wasted process and investment.


I know sleeper genes are in fact a thing, but the fact that they say they can recreate that film is just mind-bogglingly stupid and narrow-minded.

I do not care if you kids who are reading this want real dinosaurs, it just cannot be done. Even with the dinosaur DNA found, how do you expect scientists to be able to create a dinosaur that matches the fossil record. It’s just not possible. They will NEVER be dinosaurs, they will be abominations that shouldn’t exist. It is a huge disservice and disrespect to nature.

Oh yes kinda forgot about that main point, they wont be true dinosaurs, even if they were which is impossible, I am still sure people would prefer JP “mutant” style dinosaurs over scientifically accurate ones.


Even if we do create living breathing biologically-functioning and stable dinosaurs, the impacts of these animals are staggeringly devastating.

One, yes, weaponization and domestication, the two fates of almost every animal that comes across us. We want pets because we’re selfish and do not respect animals (I am guilty of this on several occasions), and we want weapons to dominate other political climates and people, to show how good we are compared to everyone else. This is the human way with nature. Why? Because we wish to survive, but unlike animals, we can adapt quicker and forumalte complex strategies to our own benefit. HOWEVER, innocent animal life should not be violated in our efforts.

Two, environmental damage. It is enough that we have decimated tons of habitat and polluted the rest. We have no space for dinosaurs to even survive, let alone copulate and produce a stable and large population. It simply will not do. They need tons of space, and many kilograms of food, which will up manufacturing AND potentially harm them as well, if we even decide they’re worth eating. Plus, if they do end up being commonplace domesticated pets, people will be STUPID and release them into the wild. Look at Florida, there are tons of invasive species because of irresponsible pet owners: Burmese and Ball Pythons, Lionfish, Iguanas, Monkeys, and so many more. Dinosaurs on any form of wild property will cause havoc, being invasive and destructive species regardless of diet, and increase competition and disabling the food web entirely.


There will never be something as a “true dinosaur” ever again. However, if they can make these monstrosities, they will be labeled and advertised as such, so that millions can pay those companies tons of money to commit so many more crimes against nature.


Games like JWE and Prehistoric Kingdom serves as a “realistic” escapist fantasy towards this sort of act. But they are fictional. No base on reality. It just cannot be done. Horner’s project proved this.

@Grym_REDACTED Yeah, all your points here are true.
Even though they aren’t and never will be true dinosaurs, people will consider them as such, and make money off of it in many many ways. This would include making attractions like in the franchise, which in reality would have many many protesters and such, and selling dino’s and dino dna on something like the black market. And the effect they would have on the world would be so much bigger than we imagined and keeping them here is very very very difficult as you said. Even if they were isolated on an island like in the movies, there are still many questions depending on what occurs. Like is it a big enough island? Will these dinosaurs be on an island for a mini isolated habitat sanctuary or an amusement/theme park? Will they be able to repopulate? Will there be a balance of herbivores and carnivores to avoid overpopulation without human interference in the ecosystem? No matter the question, things would get out of hand. They would definitely affect the wildlife on that island too, especially if its an newly discovered long isolated island that new species already live on, and it would be devastating for scientist to have mutants placed on an isolated island with new discoveries to be made. And amusement park or not, people would find a way to poach dinos or collect their dna illegally most likely and bring it back to the mainland to create more and more dinosaurs leading to environmental problems on the mainland like u stated before involving not enough space and ruining the ecosystems and such.
yeah, re-looking what I said before, definitely more nay than yay when deciding on wanting a real JP
and this seems un-needed since I feel as though u already explained everything pretty well but here’s my 2 cents on where’ed they go and what would happen

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I’m pretty sure real life security measures would be so much higher than that of Jurassic Park.


Ngl, if someone DOES make this, I’d hope it wouldn’t be Musk. He’s shown so many times that he really doesn’t care about safety so it would probably be further proof that the movies were right


God creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man destroys god, man creates dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth


It’s a sad reflection of the reality that we know the human is capable of that this would even be an idea.

Dinosaurs became extinct for a reason, way before we were around. As the world and the environment changed plenty more creatures disappeared, new ones arrived and eventually humans arrived.

With the advent of the industrial revolution the inevitable demise of the planet was inevitable. Millions of years had gone by without too much interference other than natural disasters. Now we were ready to harvest everything to the point of destruction and with cleaner water and living conditions we could begin over populating the planet too.

So what possible benefit would there be in bringing back relics from the distant past? We can barely feed ourselves as a species, we still kill each other for no good reason, we have all but destroyed all the rainforests and now we even create diseases that spread across the world in weeks creating the untimely death of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people.

We can’t look after ourselves!

So what makes anyone think we can look after anything else?


Love that movie quote :slight_smile:


Definitely. However, animals have been known to bypass security quite often, mostly due to them finding gaps or other methods to escape. Birds are pretty notorious of doing so.

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Basic security measures, not insane protocols upon protocols to prevent it from happening. And I wouldn’t mind if they escaped tbh, the world is overpopulated with humans as it is.

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You don’t understand. Them escaping will cause harm to everything.