A recap of JWA's 2020

It’s been a strange and difficult year for all of us, but let’s recall what happened in 2020. In JWA, of course :wink:
Share your screens!
I’ll start…

…with monsters we all had to face:

But none was as badass as the Goat:

I managed to beat it tho:

With all the monsters threatening me, I had to make my own extraordinary one :wink:

This friend of mine unfortunately lost his shine after 2.0 …
But that enormous update had other features that compensated that loss

The Erlidom of doom:

The first raid I completed!

And my new extraordinary monster in Tryo’s place

In 1.14, I nearly completed my dinodex. Only 2 left :pensive:

Then the apexes came and I lost my hope to complete it haha

This year I also managed to hit my all time arena score :grinning:

One win from Depot :pensive:
then I stopped playing the arena lol

And in the end, my favorite loading screen of this year. The newest one :grinning:

The best thing that was introduced in 2.3 haha

Now it’s your turn. Post your most important JWA screens of 2020 :grinning:

Best wishes to y’all. Let’s hope 2021 will be better than 2020, for both the world and JWA.


I forgot the two “most 2020” things in JWA lol
SmartSelect_20201231-144856_JW Alive SmartSelect_20201231-144807_JW Alive


Constant bossed out of range.

Legendary spawns.


Emote spam.

Too many dinos to dart.

Yet plenty of darts available.


And way too much time.

Have a nice 2021 :wink:


not a bug, A legendary Toujiangosaurus Gen 2!


I’m honestly fine with not remembering Pre-2.0 Indo2 and Wrathomimus lol

And my year recap is basically the same as OP’s and @Tielenaar. Love me some bugs.


This year was probably the most weird one I have experienced in JWA, I quit the game several times but always came back. I started fusing Indom twice. I completed raids that are not meant for level eleven players thanks to my amazing alliance and boosted irri. In one word it was a weird year, and I hope that the new year will bring lot of other interesting and weird stuff :3

Happy New Year all!!

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best part of 2020 for me was the start of 2.0. we did have some mishaps and unbalanced mehcanics/ creatures, but for the most part, it was a quality update. the excitement was there and in full swing. now if the game can stop being broken, i’ll be happy.

Happy new year to everyone.


I had forgotten…

So short has my memory been…

However, your snap shots through time have resurfaced feelings once begotten!

Thank you dear soul, for sharing those thoughts of once had been when…

New feelings lie ahead!

So let’s march onward! Bearing toothy grins of dread!


But seriously, I don’t have a pic of it… but my most memorable event was the quick rise and fall off this chick!


It was my first unique after that arena event we won with the alliance.

I was in “the luv” for about 2 months. Then they nerfed her. Then I took my boosts and abandoned her…

I’m sorry “boo”. Love just wasn’t enough. I wanted POWER!


There we go, a proper pic. Not sure what happened earlier. But here we are. My most memorable 2020

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Is that 3 million gold. Lol. Crazy I only have gotten 90,000

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Don’t ask why I have it but just admire

Hope one day jwa will have megalania

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Yeah I don’t upgrade anything I don’t use. Everything is still lvl11, 16 and 21. Some exceptions.

The first m rex raid i beat

All the speed ties i beat mrex barely the day i beat m rex AND Lord lythornax the mini events throughout the year the sick plays and predictions not to mention the countless memes the times we almost lost but didn’t sarcorixis in every epic tournament the awsome addition of multifuse the awsome alliance members we got to do raids with and the thrill if new creatures and hybrids


Also all the funny and often irritating, bugs glitches. And awsome spawns we got to experience

Impressive :grinning:
The meme thread deserves a mention too. It may not be from 2020, but in 2020 most of the memes were made. Everyone, here it is Ludia Memes

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The bugs of 2020 :ant: :bug: :spider:


Never seen this one before, looks like a mini raid :rofl:

Seriously though, my 2020 recap of Library:

Pre-2.0: Ensure you have the fastest IndoG2

2.0: Ensure you have the beefiest Maxima

Year end: Ensure you have the most annoying Thor


The best recap of the library. And aviary, and pretty much every arena can be summed up with 2 words. Nitro. Thor