A Remake of Thor

Its time Thor gets a remake. It deserves some light, and honor for being the ONLY PURE FIERCE UNIQUE!!! It has needed this. Lets start from its counterparts…

Believe it or not, Carnivores were actually fast! They weren’t just big, slow, lumbering blobs of muscle lumbering around, they were fast hunters! There actually is a reason they were the Apex Predators of their time. Other than an attack increase, crit nerf, and speed decrease immunity, nothing much has changed.

This thing had a HUGE change. Sino is a resilient by one move. ONE. The new shattering stun move is cool, because it brings out the fierce in it. This thing is like a bull. We should treat it like one.

The Group Shattering Impact gives us some kind of clue from where Thor gets his GSR. The Deceleration gives it a whole new use.

Tarbo really only had a speed increase and an health decrease. Not much to change. But the best it yet to come…

This is what gives Thor the spotlight as the only pure Fierce Unique. The Counter gives it something new. An attack nerf, an Armor increase, a speed increase, and an immunity to stun and speed decrease are the only changes to its stats. A revenge move makes it useful in PVP and raids if its not killed.

What do you think of the new Thor?
  • Its OP.
  • It needs a slight nerf.
  • Nicely Built, Very Balanced.
  • Its needs a slight buff.
  • This thing is almost as bad as MonoMEMEus

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Sure, carnivores were fast in real life, but they’re slow in the game for balance reasons. If the game was like real life, a rex’s speed would be more like 120.


I think thor is in an okay spot as is. The only changes I would make to it is a speed increase to 109 faster than resilients and group shattering impact for fierce impact.

ts unclear wther a trex is really fast or if its legs would break if going over a speed of 7 mph, but gigas could go 31 mph but they were also a different species

Its not pure fierce…it still has stun


I think that Thor is fine as is, maybe going GSI, it’s fine rn as spyxs, mags, and erlidom can 2-Shot it rn, so it’s fine as is

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Here’s my version:


What was the point of giving its ingredients Sudden Shattering Stun if Thor didn’t get it?
As for the rest of the rework, wellllll… There’s better ways to have it beat the resilient Uniques, ones that don’t involve any Immunity to Deceleration or counter-attacks or 115 speed.


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I think this Idea of yours could really work for Thor (and possibly other fierce creatures) If the speed boosts get reworked to add a maximum of 20 speed points instead. Accelerating actually fits Thor as sino has Dig in.


Stun isn’t super defining as a resilient trait though. It’s not like Thor has a slow or shield.

Why make a new move only to not add it to Thor?


I wrote a really long response to this one, then thought better of it.

I give up trying to see any logic whatsoever in this thread.

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It should get some armor, if it’s OP with armor reduce some of it’s critical chance

No no , firstly I really hate full immunity to anything ,players take advantage of that trait & weaponise it , deceleration is a very good example of that, basically you making a Dino that has few weaknesses & therefore becomes a op problem, players would be screaming nerf within minutes, I think he’s op now but I am aware that it’s mostly caused by boosts so I’m not calling for a nerf .