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A Reminder of Why We Like This Game - DINOSAURS!

I happened to be listening to some music tonight and the Jurassic Park score came on. It made me think back to why I signed up for this game in the first place - the love of that film. Not as much of a fan of the more recent ones honestly, but never mind…

I was fortunate enough to have met and worked with some of the people who had been on the original film. I had posted some of these before, but was feeling old and nostalgic after hearing the theme song, so I thought I would post some of these photos from Phil Tippett’s place again. As many of you probably know, JP was gong to use stop-motion dinosaurs before Steve “The Spaz” Williams showed his digital T-Rex tests. These are some of the original models. They were later used to provide digital input for the 3D CGI models.

I hope that you enjoy the dinos, everyone!

Phil also did Starship Troopers, Robocop 2, Twilight, and many other films. And yes, it was Lucasfilm who originally introduced the idea of ‘boosts.’ Okay, no… I just made that last part up.

Here are some of the very early tests. And before you say “wow, those are terrible,” remember that Phil had just finished using go-motion to make Dragonslayer, which was awesome.


That’s pretty sweet


Yeah, it’s a great story of how this change occurred and ushered in the digital age of animation. Phil pretty quickly moved into being a digital studio. Though he did pick up stop-motion again some 20 tears later for Mad God. Phil ended up becoming the Dinosaur Supervisor for Jurassic Park. as he still knew more than anyone, except perhaps Ray Harryhausen, about how they moved.

The digital feedback system they created was eventually made into a body suit. As I recall it was used in Lawnmower Man, though I may be wrong on that one.

Funny though, I know they are working on another project right now with dinos. What comes around…

I mean who doesn’t remember this scene? To this day I think it is one of the best shot scenes ever.

Thanks for putting this thread in the right place @Marek :slight_smile:


That snake tongue raptor will haunt me in my nightmares

I 100% like this game for the Dinosaurs. :sauropod::t_rex:
Not fond of the furry…

Btw what is that place? It’s really cool and you know some people who worked/ helped with the OG movie​:star_struck::sunglasses:

Too Cool

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I started playing this game instead of Pokemon Go because I like dinosaurs.

On the topic of JP’s CGI, they used very little. The t rex was a huge animatronic. (Btw, when filming it in the rain, they had to constantly stop and dry it off. It also sometimes started randomly moving on own.) The raptors in some instances were people in raptor suits.

Actually they had both CGI and animatronic @Qiew . Many of the dinos were CGI in the film. The T-REX walk cycle that Spaz did is what convinced them to do CG. Stan Winston did an amazing job with the animatronic work though.

@Procerathomonomimus, this is Phil Tippett’s studio in Berkeley. He has these on display in the lobby and by his office, along with a bunch of stuff from Star Wars and the other films.

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And everything holds up even 20 years later. They did a wonderful job making everything look as realistic as possible. and lets not forget how each of the dinos got their sounds. :wink:


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