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A replacement for the bewilderbeast

As many of you have experienced that annoying bug of the bewilderbeast,and everyone agreed on removing him from the game until his bug is fixed,i suggest adding a new dragon which in my opinion will be the perfect replacement for the bewilderbeast:the submaripper,he is a tidal class dragon too just like the bewilderbeast and it will be perfect to see him in the game alongside the other alpha dragons.i hope this will be taking into consideration and the bewilderbeast will be removed very soon just like the hotburple,and i don’t see it that hard for him to be removed and will be replaced until his bug is fixed.

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Itami, come on. I guess my sarcastic post didn’t get the message across last time, but do you know what does it take to make a new dragon? It takes animation, coding, testing and rewriting of the current alpha spawning order. I’m not sure if they will ever fix it AND nerf it, but NOBODY is removing it. On top of everything said above - it’s an iconic Alpha from a movie, it’s a selling point. No sane developer will remove it to add… something only a few people on the forum would know about.

Look, if they actually cared or wanted to solve it - they would have done it WEEKS ago, because the evidence and the complaints were innumerable. So instead of fixing it, which mostly adjusting the code, something they still either don’t want to do or don’t want to do as a priority - you want them to actually design a whole new dragon from ground up?

These things cost money. This update is supposed to bring X amount of cash, then they can see what’s next. Even if 0.1% of players, who are on the forums - complain, or 10% of all people, who even bother to drop a google review or mail support - report it, it won’t change the total revenue too much. In fact, added difficulty pushes some players to leave, and others to open their wallets more. Nothing is an accident here.


You have a few points there, but… that Bewilderbeast needs to be fixed, and it would be better if he would be removed for, let’s say, a week or two and come back clean rather than stay buggy and keep causing problems.

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I don’t think a replacement is necessary, or perhaps feasible at this point, but yes, the Submarriper would be a good choice. Though he’s not as strong a dragon, and isn’t considered an Alpha, at least as far as I know.

And then… What do you mean “like the Hotburple”? Hotburples were one event, even if it was crazy, and they gave it to us later than expected 'cause it needed some fine-tuning apparently. But what dragons were removed?

Feather, look, there are two pointless threads: this one and the leveling of some dragon. In both cases the player needs attention and positive reinforcement. In one case - a mod can reply “Beautiful”, and that would make that player feel accomplished.

Now, can you take a guess why do these threads remain ignored? Because if you can’t be positive - you are contractually prohibited from being negative. That’s why there are nobodies like me to dispel such illusions. I wish I could be more positive, but…

Huh, maybe I’ll stand corrected, they’ve made a fancy survey, perhaps THERE you can write your opinion and it could possibly be heard. Just make sure not to be the honest silly like me, and pick the “correct” option for this question:

Hello Vikings,

We know it took some time, but the Spirit Generation bug with the Bewilderbeast will be fixed in our next update! Thank you for your patience :grinning:


And when is the next update please??


Is there a list of bug fixes we can loom forward to?


I’ll do my best and try to get the Release Notes ready a little sooner. Hopefully I can share them in the coming weeks. It’s hard to give everyone an ETA as things do tend to change. Thank you for understanding!


Huh! I’m not exactly sure I follow, man. No one here says we have to be positive and it’s become quite the impossible feat these days with so many bugs and stuff. And what you said practically implied that they only follow a topic when one is positive, and that’s wrong. In fact, this topic did not stay ignored.

And I am not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish here. Sure, giving a reminder of the feasibility of such a request (removal of the bugged Alpha) is okay and all, but you do know we’ve had reasons for such a request and it’s mostly a popular opinion right now. The blue Alpha does suck.

But see, the mods did made a promise it’s going to be fixed come next update. This means the support team is working on it, and it gives the reassurance that the problem is going to be dealt with. I hope it will. It’s certainly something to look forward to.

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