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A request - keep free giga scents and cheap daily dart sales permanently

Let me preface this as someone who played JWA casually for a month about a year ago and only really started playing about 2.5 months ago.

When I started playing this game again, getting free giga scents every 6 hours and 4 sets of darts for 100 coins each on a daily basis was a huge draw. I know that these were things that were done due to COVID, but they should really become permanent features of the game. I think taking away regular free giga scents would be quite detrimental to the game at this point as these are a quality of life thing that really makes it more fun to play. I think we would lose a fair portion of the player base if giga scents were paid-only.

So Ludia, I think the changes you made due to COVID-19 (while necessary) have really enhanced the game and made it better. Please keep them this way even once COVID eventually dies down.


A player who loves the game you made and thinks this features help me enjoy the game even more


I’m all for this. I’ve made way more progress during the Lockdown than any other period, and it’s all thanks to Giga scents. There’s still incentive to go outside because of how zones work, but people who are usually stuck at home still get to farm some DNA.


I’m definitely playing more at home than I ever did before. A lot of that is because I don’t really have a choice, but these scents and darts allow you to dart any time you want without having to go out. Because let’s face it, most of us don’t want to spend hours out hunting, or don’t have the time. I don’t understand how Ludia could see more players spending more time playing their game as bad.


But as @Qaw mentioned, you still go out if you want to hunt something that is in a different zone, so it is still a win-win for everybody. We play more but we still move around if we want certain things. And having more things spawning (especially with occasional epics and somewhat regular rares), it will feed our addiction all the more, which benefits Ludia too. I think it’s something that Pokemon Go hasn’t entirely learned - more and varied spawns ( I do like the different zone system here) are generally always going to be appreciated and will increase the number and happiness of the player base. If my nearest spawn is two blocks down and a trash common and that’s all I ever see, I’m going to be far less interested in opening the game. But if I know there will be two spawns every two minutes in addition to what else is out there… and there’s the chance it could be rare, I am WAY more likely to have the game open a lot more often.


The dart offer can go, it’s pointless. Giga’s can stay but need to be worked for so that we don’t take them for granted

I disagree about the darts. If you run Giga scents daily, it is totally possible to run out of darts.

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Then tone it down a bit, maybe :thinking:. The point of an AR game is to get you out and about. I can understand if your have a disability or sth, and that’s part of why I fell gigas should stay. However, the primary way to get DNA before the pandemic started was hunting and because people couldn’t leave their house at all, Ludia instated the scents. I feel they can stay, but now that most of the world has re-opened (ish), I feel that people can start some smaller scale hunts, and when the pandemic is over definitely, we keep gigas BUT they need to be toned down in frequency (3h of randomness is fine) so that they don’t permanently replace hunting

Giga scents, yes.

Free darts, no.

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Yeah, darts probably shouldn’t be so easy to obtain post-pamdemic. That said, I do like the ability to buy darts with coins whenever I need them (yes I know you can also use hard cash, but I usually just save that for coins for leveling). So I’d like if they at least kept the ability to buy darts with coins, even if it was significantly more expensive.

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Nerf them to go an hour long and only give one a day and it could work post pandemic. For now, keep them as they are.