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A request to everyone

2.0 is coming. Monday, tuesday, I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter.
All that matters is what will it change. And, as you probably know, it will change everything. Most important things are enormous amounts of rebalancing and it’s result, boost reset, which will help us build new teams.
And, just after writing about it in patch notes, Ludia left us a tip:
Tip: Before applying all your SBPs back, take the time to observe how each creature has been updated. Take the time to look at Raids and consider if you should customize a couple of Raid-specific creatures
My request is to listen to this tip. Even if you know right now what’ll be in your team, please don’t apply boosts just after update. Let others have fun with all the reworked creatures so they can decide what fits them the best. Boosting your dinos right after update would force others to boost their too to survive in the arena, thus making them unable to check all the reworked creatures (because they would get crushed by boosted ones). Really, give everyone time to decide what they’ll boost. Respect each other
And there’s one more thing. Bringing good old unboosted times back for at least a while. Because who doesn’t want them back? It’s my challenge for you. Keep your team unboosted for as long as you can, as long as boosted monsters doesn’t threaten you too much :upside_down_face:

Thank you for reading this. Please consider doing it, at least the 1st part, I understand someone prefers boosted arena over unboosted one


I intend to stay 2 weeks - 1 month without applying SB to my team … 1-2 creatures will leave and I need time to know who will enter temporarily / permanently.

On the day that the update comes, I will do most of the campaign mode phases and test as many creatures as possible. So I’m going to get more sense of the Creatures that are worth it or not.


I’m very tempted not to apply boosts at all under 2.0 but I will certainly wait to see how the new changes work before I commit to anything.

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intending to not use stat boosts until i see 2.1 or something. i have a feeling this is only the beginning of big creature changes. Like why did spyx loose bleeding? or why is allo g2 so broken? just feel some of these things will be changed again after a bit. it is difficult to balance out over 200 creatures at once with new mechanics.


For a day I’ll play unboosted to see where I end up, and if I like where I end up I might stay a few more days without boosting anything. But after that, kapro’s getting all of Spyx’s boosts. Then 1 to 2 weeks later I’ll have a general idea of what else to boost. Hopefully I’ll have magna and fluffy rat by then.

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If you read it anyway if your creature is over boosted it will be capped at a certain point on the raid boss

I’m probably going to stay I boosted for a bit and try out different Dino’s I was able to get to last arena with light boosted Dino’s and 3 of my team Dino’s had no boosts

The update is coming! A friendly reminder to hold your boosts for a while :wink:

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To those that can at least. hold off on team creatures. stuff for sancs should be fine to boost if it’s for the sancs.

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Definitely staying unboosted for a while - may boost my tourney teams rather than my arena; sadly many will throw their boosts straight back on - a large percentage of the playerbase don’t visit the forum.


Watch me unintentionally drop all the way to badlands, lol.
After 1 or 2 days, kapro will be boosted and probably take me a bit higher. Ideally I’d like to land in Lockwood Mansion. It’s a nice view and if I remember right I’ll still gain 4 boosts from DBI.

When I started my alt account way back when they last reset the boosts I said I would play unboosted on it.

It’s level 19 now and I haven’t used a single boost on it.
It’s at 4700 and fluctuates between 4400 and 4700.
In 2.0 it will plummet as it relies on Yoshi, Indoraptor gen2 and Monostegotops… so it may drop to 4000.

So what?
The team will play similar strength teams and the same fun will be had as I have on my boosted 5200 trophy account. Probably more fun tbh as every win against a boosted team is a joy!

So why not try playing unboosted for a while?
Sure you’ll drop but that doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things.
There’s no pressure when you’re unboosted and I can honestly say that a win against someone who has lots of boosts is worth all the losses!

After a couple of weeks we will all know where boosts will be best applied.


I’m not boosting anything. I will for tournaments but not right away.

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My suggestion is: all who do decide to boost the living daylights out of some creatures right away, starting a whine topic as soon as 2.1 rebalances them… we ignore. Fully.


Not planning to apply any boosters for a good long while

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Like we have seen in the past, some percent of players are going to immediately boost, some percent will wait after a few battles, some percent will wait a few days, others will wait until they are tired of losing to those that already boosted, and then some will just not boost. Personally, I don’t think I will be boosting at all, at least not in the forseeable future.

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I’m liking this post a lot. I’m planning on playing unboosted for a month or two. Let things sink in and get a feel for what suits in this new climate :slight_smile:

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I will stay unboosted for a long time. I might boost 1 dino for the raids if necessary.

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This is the biggest update we have had possibly ever… I learned my lesson after the first boost reset to hold off. So many changes to so many dinos that I am in no rush to throw boosts into dinos that may or may not be viable in a month. There is just too much unknown. Who knows when there will be another boost reset or even if there will ever be another. I for one plan to wait it out and see how the new meta forms.

Sry but Im gonna boost the heck out of my Lythronax :muscle:.

In all seriousness tho, Im gonna try to stay boost free until 2.1, because this new update just signals that more significant creature changes are coming