A Respectful Request

To TPTB at Ludia: would it be possible to have March’s Daily Mission creature named by 5 PM EDT Friday, February 28th, 2020? I’ll throw in a pretty please with a cherry on top… Let me know either way. Thanks.


…so that’s a “No” then?

They probably do it when they decided to do it, doubt you can influence them :slight_smile: But I’m curious too.
Why can’t you wait?

Probably to know when to complete the daily mission - before or after switchover; I waited this month and got Bary :sob:

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It’s a rather safe bet to wait this time lol. Even if they switch to Apatosaurus I wouldn’t mind missing the 100 bary…


They wouldn’t possibly want people to take a gamble with weather or not to claim rewards!
… Oh, wait :unamused:

What could possibly be worse than Bary? I’d hold off on collecting on the day of the change if that’s your concern.

Starts with C, ends in R.

it sucks that there are so few creatures with C names. Can’t quite get a comeback for this.

The creature is worst than baryonyx in every stat, it has a legendary hybrid, unfortunately it doesn’t have a unique yet, and it looses to tryostornix 100% of the time.

Anyone would prefer Bary than this epic.

can agree there for now. Maybe that will change when the unique comes about. I just don’t really want another immune to distract and stun creature tho.

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At the VERY least conc isn’t global and diplovenator has unique potential.

It just seems like they announce everything else with at least a day’s notice. Daily Rewards: maybe we’ll give you an hour…


My first choice would have been Titanoboa… :wink:

Nonetheless: Thank you! This is a welcome change. I appreciate that you guys do listen.