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A Reward that need a Rotation

So as much as I like Toast and Sino DNA, I think it’s time the alliance missions changed rewards. I’ve got a few themes which I think may work, share yours down below!
Exploration Incubator Rewards:

  • Apatosaurus, Argentinosaurus and Diplodocus/Brachiosaurus (all sauropods)
  • Miragia, Toujangosaurus and Kentrosaurus (all Stegosaurids)
  • Stygimoloch gen 2, Dracorex and Pachy (all head butters (yes I can’t remember how to spell the family name lol)

Defence Incubator Rewards:

  • Suchomimus, Irritator and Baryonyx (all small Spinosaurids)
  • Ophiacodon, Dimetrodon and Secodontosaurus (all synapsids)
  • Dimorphodon, Scapagonathus and Darwinopterus (all bleeding pterosaurs)
  • Sarcosuchus, Purrusaurus and Gryposuchus (all crocodilians)

They already have 33 different alliance reward themes made up since 1.6 you can see a list of them on metahub… from the 1.6 data mine.

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Be nice if they finally used one of them - I do wonder if the “fix” for alliance missions that went in ages ago meant they also had to lock in the rewards until they sort it properly in another update.

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If they will use all of those as long as they are using the current rewards, then we’ll have seen them all in 2025.
Let’s see what today brings, I really hope for ANYTHING else than the current rewards. IMO it should be different every week. The daily one also.

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Ive said that same thing… why make 33 of them… then use just one of them for a patch+ now… seems like a waste of development the could have been used elsewhere unless they intended to rotate them and lost the ability when the fixed them.

Lets hope we get the pyro/irritator event as long as we have had sino.

Its really hard to take a company seriously when they remove one tenotorex for imbalanced match making… then there like here is 3k sino dna… and while we are at it take 5k hardcash to boost the sino hybrid of your choice.

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Still we’re getting same reward every week. I don’t understand why management is so lazy and non creative. Why none of the employee raise this thing. No excitement left in alliance missions.

They need to change Concavonator to T-rex since like Einiosaurus, it goes to 3 different hybrids.

How about Ouranosaurus, Tenontosaurus, Iguanodon? Or Ouranosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Deinocherius, so we can all make Dilorach

You watch the gaming beaver like me

I do but I’ve been thinking about this for a while lol. How did he say the same names like?

I known his voice how can he do it

I don’t know how

No I mean like did he mention the same names as I listed in a video lol

Same again this week … sigh

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It has been the same for months. I am so tired of the same rewards! I am not at all motivated to go and earn them.