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A robot took over the game

what is going on, way too much happening at once, nullifying with shields staying, chomps that don’t do damage, if this platform created a game for a console they would not last because the far left direction

By the way everyone enjoy the game

The no damage chomps is cuz double distract and cunning move don’t null shields

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You guys messed this game upand all the time we put into it

This game stinks what did you do, you guys can’t get anything right.

Bad feedback left, this game is so unrealistic and just gets even more unrealistic with every release, this is terrible, I’ve put so much time into this game

The game decided to freeze here

This game stinks now

Let me nullify you counter, the person that thought of this ruined the game

Just press the back button.

You really hate this game, don’t you? If you hate it so much, then why are you still playing? Just for stuff to rant about?

It’s a heck of a lot better than 1.14

This topic in a nutshell:

You reply is as good as a nullifying counter

You by yourself Acer, btw way to go going way back

I think out of the last big releases this is the worst

Then you’ve never learned how to use null counter