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A Roll of the Dice Named "Luck"

So I am off to sleep with 1016 cups for the Brachiosaurus Tourney. I have currently 3K bucks, and my team - level 18 Eolambia, level 18 Eudimorphodon, two level 10 Indominuses, level 10 Baryonyx, level 20 Megalosaurus, level 40 Postosuchus at my top list. As @Sionsith predicted, I’ll need 400 cups more.

That will cost me a lot, and I am not sure how many of those battle rounds will be defeats. All I know is I want the Dominator finish, but my resources and cooldown costs throw a big “MAYBE” at my face.

It’s 11 pm now IST, will get up around 6 in the morning (Tourney ends at 5:30 pm and I will be able to witness it all day). If it is not too wide a gap, I think I will be able to sneak into Dominator. If it is too wide, I will stop spending bucks immediately (I used to have 8K day before yesterday). Like my good friends @anon43877113 and @Dino_Rex said, I do need to focus beyond this tourney.


You went from 8k to 3k bucks? Don’t push yourself into a high Dominator rank. Go into Dominator, fall back into Predator, then battle again in Predator. The matches will be way easier. Since you’ve already gone this far, go on. Spend as many bucks as you need to.


I would suggest few things for you:

  1. Concentrate on building bigger dinos base.
  2. Don’t focus too much on these tourneys as they may come again at some point of time.
  3. There is no point in just getting 1 sengo and not having similar creatures around it. Also getting it’s hybrid, will be creating discomfort for you, imbalance in the ferocity.
  4. First of all make all the legendaries creatures at level 40, then try to fight tourneys without using DBs. Even level 40 legendaries aren’t too good for dominator finish.

For me, as a non - VIP player, it took around 13-14 months to land in dominator (that too with help of cooling down with DBs).
As you being the VIP player, it may take lesser time than me, but don’t be in hurry to get all the creatures. Today, I am having 203/236 different creatures, having almost no issues with tournaments. I generally get upto 1600 trophies (avg 34 trophies per match) in 40 hrs.
Remember, no of creatures with similar ferocity is far more important than lesser no of creatures with different ferocity levels.