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A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet

Apparently there are plenty of forum users who are not exposed to real life. Not sure if they are like below age of 12 years, cos they sure act like innocent, “never exposed to realities of life” type of people.

Seriously, if you cannot understand the context of a particular comment, then this forum may not be for you.

Example, we have so easily disturbed people who are petrified of all CAPS wordings without know the context.

We also have others disturbed by photos of actual things you would definitely see while walking around looking for dinos. I mean like poo, dirt, garbage, etc.

Have any of you watched movies from the 50s - 70s. There are scenes of people smoking. Does that mean we should get rid of all these older movies cos tobacco offends some people? Should we also not make movies about Nazis and WW2 cos of the Holocaust?

People need to understand the context of what is being said. And not jump the gun (hope this term does not offend the anti-gun lobby) and put down arguments cos certain terms apparently “offend” them.

To the forum moderators, I hope you guys look at the big picture and not follow rules blindly.

An example of being overboard, - a YouTube link to a popular dance song from the 80s was cited as being unsuitable cos it had a single reference to tobacco.

All I can say is “wow”.

The above is my opinion. I know many won’t agree. But hopefully many others would agree. This post may well get shut down or people would flag it and get the attention of the moderators.

Cheers to all!