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A satisfying feeling


Still testing out recorders to see if there is one that agrees with my phone.
I have no idea why the quality is so bad. I recorded it in 720, yet every time I upload it on YouTube. It ruins the quality.
Any help?

Edit: it looks fine here. What the heck!? Lol


Nice, I don’t have any pinning strike Dino in my team, so I hate seeing cheapsters with Draco G2; but love it when my level 23 Utranix or level 24 Thor one shot him. If I don’t have them in team selection then I trouble winning though.

Talking about around 5K trophies region. So you face high level Draco G2 mostly.

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I wanted to wait until my Meg was level 19 or 20 before I added it or my Raja on my team. However, ever since the tournament started, I’ve run into even more Dracog2 than usual, so I had to something.
Good thing most people that use the thing are idiots when it comes to their other dinos, this video is a good example.

I faced a level 25 Dracog2 right after the tournament started, I had no chance between that and his other lvl 24-26 dinos. I’m normally around 4100 trophies but Ive been knocked down some since the tournament started.

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