A scent capsule in Zone 3 IS AWFUL

I live in Zone 3 or whatever you want to call it. It’s the worst. I open the game tonight and there was only a Diplocaulus on the map. So I popped a large scent capsule. The spawns? 7 diplocaulus, 1 tany, 1 nundasuchus, and 1 tarbosaurus. This zone is THE WORST.


I agree there’s an imbalance among creature spawns. Currently local 1 and 2 have insane good creatures, local 3 and 4 are kind of meh, with local 3 being the worst.

3 is terrible. All I ever got is Diplocaulus and I so wish scents would spawn something else. Sometimes I wish scents were universal not zone specific.

I did a rare scent capsule in zone 2 and got 13 majunga, 1 carno, 2 Tupac, and 2 irritator gen 2. Now that sucks.i expected some raptor to show up, hoping for kapri.

Move around get double the spawns. 1 at pop 2 every 2 minutes after. 19 spawns in total

It’s raining. I’m not about to go walk around.

Then u can complain about something when ur only getting half effectiveness from it

Ive used scent capsules when walking around before and the spawns were still all useless. There was just more useless spawns.

But u only got half the spawns. Who knows what the other half couldve been. I’ve got 11 epics before. Ur whole other half couldve been epic. U never know.

Ut mifht not be so bad if Ludia would give Diplotator a decent hybrid - whether it be a Legendary or a Unique.


I mean a nice decent one. One that makes you go - “huh. This hybrid’s a bit powerful. Welp, time to collect more green worms”

I live in 3 as well. I did a rare last night hoping for some kapro. I was able to walk, but half the spawns were double diplo :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I got one kapro and some edmonto but the rest was trash. Never again will waste that scent in zone 3.

Zone 3 is a nightmare, I spend most of my time in that zone sadly, its essentially a huge trophy handicap as its Dino’s are dismal & mainly useless for building good hybrids

Same here. So many diplo, with or without scents. I consider myself lucky if I see anything different, these days.

Zone 1 Epic Scent yesterday. Walked around. My 2 epics were Concavenator and …Concavenator.

I’ve actually had good luck with epics in zone 1. If you walk around you get double spawns and the other day I got 2 Kentro, 2 Sino, concavenator, and monolophosaurus because I was on the edge of 3.

@Marktheshark this was the thread i read it in. about moving around.

No worries, I believed you. I had a Ludia staff member tell me that was the best method of using scents. Regardless, it didn’t change the fact of how dismal my recent back to back Epic scents were

ive sat at a bank in L2 many of nights only to come out with more secodon then ouran… it sucks. when its only 1 epic per capsule it sucks!!

So they are able to get all raptors to spawn in raptor capsules but they can’t (or won’t) give you more than one epic in an epic scent (or at least not on purpose).

Since the latest update I now get the angry chicken and Dimetrodon in my area, so I have better luck popping a scent capsule close to home. I used to go about a mile away to Zone 3 and pop one hoping to get a Monolophosaurus, but that hardly ever happens.

I did find a Mono without a scent capsule yesterday, and another one without a capsule a day or two before that.

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