A scent capsule in Zone 3 IS AWFUL


An epic scent guarantees one epic. What are you blathering about? Nothing is broken. Move to increase your chances.


Since the update the increase in garbage dinos that are global hurt every local and while L3 and L4 are got thit he hardest since they stink to begin with the truth is common scents are not good now period.


Yeah mono spawn has increased… that along with galli taking the place of irritator gen 2 in my incibators now… the mono nerf makes more sense.


For the rest of conjecture here and elsewhere…y’all know we can see the code and:

  1. Fusion rates haven’t changed.

  2. Spawn rates have changed as shown in Metahub articles.


I sit and do scent capsules on two accounts at once to keep occupied the whole time. I got 3 raptors in a row on a 5 minute scent capsule on one and 3 MJ’s on the other. It’s all random. Just happened to have a good random roll on the one. I do and have gotten rares and even epics off the 5 minute ones.