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A season to be thankful

Thanks for the


You needed Blue?
Well, I am hoping to get Carbo and I will get Blue.

I got Blue but I really wanted Carbo…

Lol wanna trade?

After weeks and weeks of both over the last few months, I didn’t want either.

I got all Blue, and stopped building Indo gen2 at level 20 when I got so bored of CS, and that was before they added precise to it.

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I got Carbonemys as well, just a little less than you.

I don’t need any Blue, so I’m happy with my reward.

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Kinda wish we could trade, tbh. I know that some people would abuse the system, but dang am I tired of getting Monolopho, Pachy, Alanqa (UGH TAKE IT AWAY), Stygi (and even Blue) DNA all the time.

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Check this :sunglasses:


lucky. still happy with what i go tho. carbo and dracorex.

I’m still FIPing it exclusively but I wouldn’t be surprised if Indo2 got reworked altogether
…or at least that’s what the (failed) community survey would suggest.

It may come back to bite me and other Indo2 investors in the :peach: but only time will tell.

I don’t see them making ig2 useless though. It’s a super hybrid with exclusive dna. It’s not like rat or procerat. Meaning it’s not easy to get and level with your eyes closed.

Anyways, I don’t see it becoming a bad dino even with a change it’s not going to be “bad”. Its got Blue heh.

Also, I’ll take carbo or blue I don’t care xD

Got me some Max DNA too

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I don’t think so either … but I’ve been wrong before :sweat_smile:

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I got Blue :}
So close now:


Holy … lol scary Ig2 there. I’m working on lvl 26 lol. Oooof I spent some of my blue leveling her up back then.

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I was disappointed…
The only good thing i received was Echo!
And I managed to improve my Indoraptor Gen 2

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What did I tell you?

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RNG has a dark sense of humor :imp:

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I got carbo which i was ok with… but i too got 20 maxine dna which was exactly what i needed to level it so pretty good incubator for me.

Wow, seems a surprising amount of you got Maxima. And 20 too. Has that been changed? I remember you only used to get 5 Legendary DNA if you were lucky, sometimes <10 odd Unique DNA so 20 seems like a lot.
It’s relevant to the week too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rigged that way. But I’m surprised they didn’t then advertise it in the incubator contents. Surprises are fun I guess.

Anyway I really wanted Carbo but I got all Blue.