A second chance

So from the votes there were a few creatures with really interested designs and possibly new movesets and mechanics and not only creatures but also features that didn’t make it. I think that they should get a second chance, since in the votes players have to decide between multiple choices and creatures that could fit very well into the game don’t get added because another creature was voted more, Enteloceros is kind of an example since it technically got a second chance but the ingredients aren’t the same as in the vote, maybe it’s not the same for the rest of these creatures I believe that they should get a second chance in a new vote giving more information about them but not making players decide between multiples but just ask them whether they would want the creature to be added in game or not so it can be more specific, for example:

Would you like this creature to be introduced in a future update?
Yes / No



This is how I wish the voting was originally. Instead of us voting for the ones we like the most or us ranking them from favorite to least favorite, we’re instead asked if we strongly like, like, dislike, strongly dislike, or are neutral towards the options, and the creatures that people like are the ones that get added while the disliked ones are scrapped.


Yes and no. Alankyloceratops deserves a second chance, but things like Compsoscorpios and Monolocevia don’t, we should also have Scumoceros or whatever the name is can’t remember fully another chance, Enteloceros is a ripoff of it, would love to have the real one rather than a cheap and lazy ripoff.


I want to snake and hybrid paramoloch and cintaosaurus

Alankyloceratops too looks good

Alanky, para and gem definitely needs to be added


i would love for them to be added even if they get changed to lower rarity hybrids with tweaked ingredients.


I want the snake hybrid very bad

That’s the entire reason the point is that you get to choose it won’t really be fair if compsoscorpios and monolocevia just get removed before the vote is even published

I do agree that they’ll most likely be overpowered and that they might not do much good they could turn out balanced but it would be difficult and I’m not sure whether they would end up balanced in the end but immediately disqualifying them would simply go against this whole thing

Monolocevia has a chance to be a useful but not broken creature the fact that it’s hybrid parent needs a nerf doesn’t mean it will come out broken too if it’s made more carefully it won’t hopefully be a problem and maybe compsoscorpios could use the original scorpios rex to lose the stun and just have that one as a skin or it could just lose some of it’s abilities to make it more balanced and again it’s not guaranteed that ludia will listen let alone it winning the vote

Anyway this is my attempt at monolocevia I’m not sure if it would be too strong or weak for an apex

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This forum wasn’t created to post toolbox attempts at creatures that didn’t make it in the votes, with the previous one I was trying to prove that an overpowered hybrid parent doesn’t directly translate to overpowered hybrid

And by the way compsoscorpios needed a lot of nerfing to make it useable and not overpowered in the toolbox it took me a while and even with moves and stats that might seem underwhelming it does a lot of damage

Sorry didn’t know that.


I had tested it against other apexes and it had a success rate of about 50% I don’t think that’s overpowered I’m also going to test it against some heavily used uniques

It just feels wrong to trash all of these cool concept after the votes

I hope Geminideus is added one day

I want that snake added. It looks sick!