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A Second Look at the New Release

Hmm… Interesting… I can’t find my first list of things that had gone wrong. It probably went down the same rabbit hole as all the chances to actually choose my own attack in PvP battles that mysteriously never appear on-screen! In any case, here (just in case it stays online for a while) is a list of observations after playing the newest version of the app for a few days… YMMV.

Quick note: Despite my failing to see how to turn off the blood effects I complained about in my previous post, my comments about the quality of their implementation still stand; I think it’s part of an overall lack of standard QC across all features of the app. I am also trying very hard to not let all the changes in creature status get in the way of a review; that type of chaos was expected due to the (neededs) changes in the boost mechanics so it’s not part of what I’m looking at. That said, some further points that came to mind while playing the new version.

ONE day later:

  1. Matchmaking still makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Something I thought I saw earlier but did not mention: I’m seeing a definite flicker/interruption across the top of the screen at the end of every battle.

  3. Something I forgot to include in my previous post: In two PvP battles, the Damage Over Time inflicted by my L21 Suchotator stopped after only 2 iterations despite my opponent NOT using a cleansing strike or regenerating. (In several other battles it worked normally – this is a new bug.)

  4. Since downloading the update, I’m seeing an increasing number of seemingly random lags when opening incubators, e.g., no graphic for darts, hesitation loading other graphics, 2-3 second freezes when trying to load graphics, etc.

  5. Turning off the “Blood” setting has only partial effects on feeding in the sanctuaries (e.g., my Monolophosaurus Gen 2 very obviously pulls entrails out of its goat instead of the mere flying hairs in the previous version of the game).

  6. I’ve had repeated instances of finding a creature in range only to have it disappear when I tap on it. This includes having a creature spawn while I watch, only to disappear the instant I tap on it seconds after it has spawned.

  7. It’s less frequent than before, but the game still skips turns in PvP battles.

  8. It’s less frequent than before, but the game still just sits for up to a minute with the timer at zero during PvP battles.

  9. Compared to previous versions of the game, I’m seeing a lot more instances of things lining up on the map, e.g., a supply drop, a creature, and a sanctuary, or two supply drops with a creature between them, all so closely aligned that hitting anything but the closest is very difficult.

TWO+ days later:

  1. Twice now, I’ve used a Scent Capsule (the 5-minute type) and only had TWO creatures spawn instead of the standard three.

  2. Once per battle every 10-12 battles, when one of my creatures is killed I cannot choose the next creature on my team – the timer counts down to zero, I stare at my opponent stamping & snorting onscreen for another 20-30 seconds, and then the system tosses my next creature into the fray without ever allowing me to choose from my remaining roster.

  3. That heavy breathing in the background after PvP battles are done is just annoying.

  4. Server-based delays seem a lot more common than before; that “radar” circle keeps popping up when I tap on a supply drop or go to dart a creature, regardless of using cellular data or any of a number of different WiFi networks I’ve wandered through.

  5. I have repeatedly tapped on the green “Fuse” button to add DNA to various creatures and had the button go blank (showing only a thick yellow-white border) & animation freeze for up to 30 seconds, then add 10 DNA to the creature without any animation. There will be a few seconds’ delay, and things go back to normal.

  6. Another new, repeated bug: When a creature’s “Fuse” button is green, if I tap on the indicator for any stat to check on or apply a boost, then tap the little left arrow to go back to the normal creature display, the “Fuse” button will be bright green with a very bright, thick border but the pulsing border animation will have stopped. Exiting from that particular creature’s display (does not matter which creature) and then going back in is the only way to return the animation to normal.

  7. The general distribution of creatures, supply drops, sanctuaries, etc. in my neighborhood is basically unchanged for the past several months – except for the area within range of my house, which is much more barren than ever before since this update launched; I’m not sure this is coincidence.

  8. Gotta say it: Matchmaking is still bad… and yeah, I still keep losing PvP battles because I never get a chance to choose my attack (or to swap creatures) and the system defaults to the most basic attack. :frowning:

So this means 1.11 Release notes is coming out