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A secondary hybrid

Do you think creatures should get a secondary hybrid like in jurassic world alive?


We call them Gen 2s, I believe I mentioned the same in the skins thread as well.


I don’t mean gen 2. I mean alternate hybrids like suchotator, alankylosaurus monomimus, tyrannolophosaurus


well sarcosuchus has 2 hybrids…

A super hybrid not two hybrids. I want creatures to have more than 1 hybrid like in jwa

Tbh it’s not a bad idea.

However there are sooo many creatures without a hybrid currently that need to be filled so I would say no for now.

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Eh, not really. I’d rather have each dino get used for just 1 hybrid. Super Hybrids are also fine.

well the only difference between koolasaurus and diplosuchus is that one you use the whole sarcosuchus and the other only his DNA … but technically they are 2 hybrids of the same dino.

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Nice first post mate :+1:

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I disagree. That means you would need 2 level 40 of these creatures. Imagine pyroraptor getting a secondary hybrid😟