A serious concern for me (and probably others


i’ve posted this as a comment elsewhere, but I want to put it out there as a thread.

and this question is for a mod like @Jason

my question, for the moderators, is this…I have never downloaded any spoofing or cheat program, as most require root access (and I am afraid of mucking up my phone with root) … however, a couple days ago, during an android update from Sprint…my GPS went all wonky and showed me in a completely different state for like an hour…I did not realize this (as i was home at the time, not out and about), and just on habit, DNA’d a dinosaur outside what i thought was my home…now, i ask this…am i gonna get reset? after all, that GPS malfunction is gonna look an awful lot like spoofing to the game.


Hey CARDISpilot1971, thanks for writing in. However, forum moderators are not responsible for tagging spoofers in the game. We can’t go into details on how the tagging system works, but our support team understands that it might not be perfect and had already taken into consideration when identifying spoofers. If you have concerns, reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and the ticket title “GPS Problem.” We have dedicated agents working on spoofing inquiries, and they’ll try to get back to you soon.


thanks. the information is much appreciated.