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A serious question about matchmaking

How does it determine your opponent?

I’m in the Aviary (jump between that and the one above) and I’m not claiming to be the best in this arena etc but how is it possible for my team to be matched against this person’s? Obviously, mine is the lower overalls, it’s not even a contest and I’ve noticed it happens a lot since the reset. Thanks


yah, happens to me too

however why don’t you change nemys and edom to indom and indomgen2? they’re better

I’ve only just taken my I-Rex gen 2 out for Geminititan lol. She was a great dino but time to move on, just takes waaaay too much DNA to rank them up. Plus my Eril is my second fastest after Quetzorion, need that speed

It’s funny you mention this - for the past couple of days, I’ve been matched almost exclusively with teams of level 30s. One of them was, I believe, one of the highest ranked players, and I got matched against them in lower Gyrosphere.

Starting to wonder if MM participation has lowered, so they’re putting in higher and higher bracket allowances (like they did in the past, which players weren’t happy with).

This is the kind of battles I’ve been faced with recently. For this reason I don’t enjoy the arena at all but persevere only because of daily tasks and incubators for coins. I lost 330 trophies the other day trying to get a win.

This what you get for having a perfectly fair scoring system. Trophies must be taken from others to advance. So players who have bad luck will be robbed until their luck changes. Players lose faith and just drop.

Don’t worry, it gets worse. In upper Library (if you ever get there with the current system) you will be facing top 500 teams. The more people try to avoid the Arena and just ignore it most of the times (like I do now), the worse matchmaking is gonna get. Worst part of the game for me and everyone I know.