A shop

Please ludia can we have a shop where we can sell ALL Dino DNA even if we have be a certain level because some of us have a lot of DNA that we don’t want or need.


Then why did you dart so much bro.

And there’s a thing called alliance donations.

A trade center would be better, where you can trade dna for bucks and coins

The other way around is true too


For example a trade that could show up is something like

“100 darwezopteryx dna for 25 albertospinos dna”


I do feel like a way to trade dna could be a nice addition. It would have to be balanced tho

Yeah I do think so

Hello do you know what maxing a Dino is duh?!!! @ChickenR3X

Cool idea for a game that is not based on science.
This makes no sense in real life, you can’t trade dna, it’s illogical. But that’s just my opinion, not trying to arise an argument.

Me too I have over 10 thousand DNA on some common creatures

It’s a game after all

And Jurassic world the game did the same thing with it’s trade center

But again I’m not gonna start an argument

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