A short JWA story

@Ludia_Developers, your game has been though a lot. Let’s take a look shall we?

Once upon a time, there was a Rex, unhatched, but ready to do so. He started, but only poked the best bits out his shell. Many dinosaurs, Pterosaurs even the greatest sauropods came too see him on his big day, and we’re satisfied as he grew up. He flourished, became more and more popular, and made it through stage 1 (pre-release stage). As he grew in size, he grew in popularity, eventually being known as Alive worldwide. He was the best guy on the block, the coolest in town.

But, all good things must come to an end. And Alive certainly did.

He decided to add a fear factor to a concert one time. Each guest had a chance to be hit in the back on exit, making many highly annoyed. They kept coming to see Alive, but a few stopped.

However the Rex in this story had a little flaw. He was Deaf. And when all the guest came to him complaining, he couldn’t hear it.

As a result, he kept the fear factor, and started to receive some hate. He became weaker, less appealing… people kept leaving. Cancelled VIP appointments.

Cancelled concerts altogether, even the chill zones (forums).

Alive could see very well what was happening, but couldn’t hear.

‘I need something to make me better. I need to be faster, stronger, more scary.’
This was stage 7. (1.7)

So, he gave himself the ability to do so, and succeeded. He could see a few guests returning, but not as many as he wanted.

The last few hundred guests started to drop. Really appearing less and less. The time between visiting got greater, and greater.

Until some never came back.

Alive always kept the curtains open. Every single night. But it came to the present day, and he had to close them.
They’re shutting right now, as you read this, there’s only a few centimetres (an inch) left.

The @Ludia_Developers have one beam of light to fix this mess, or mess it up further.

1.8 will make it or brake it for us all. I’ve gone from three times a day playing, to next to nothing. It’s really just ‘oh hey, I’m bored now. Let’s open up JWA.’

I’ve lost the will to try. And I’m giving you a beam of light Ludia.

Mods, I know you’ll close this as it’s kinda an ‘I quit post.’ But please, keep it listed, I need people to see it and realise.

Especially Ludia.