A silly idea: Non-Hybrid Hybrids

So, one thing that I find a little bit annoying is that all the hybrids… are made up nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I like the mechanics of hybrids, even the models and names.

What I would like to see is Ankylosaurus Gen X
Made by fusing Gen I and Gen II (so it could be legendary).

Then have a suped up Ankylosaurus with something like…
Damage: 1000
HP: 4300
Speed: 115
Armour: 30%
Crit: 5

Superior Vulnerability
Long Protection
Vulnerability Impact 1.5x, Target Vulnerable for 2 turns. Cooldown 1
Instant Invincibility

Seems a bit underpowered but you get the general idea.


Great idea :+1:

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Cool but really most Gens have 1-2 hybruds already. Anklyo G2 has 2 hybrids

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Oh, I was just using it as an example.
T-Rex, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus…

There are heaps with 2 gens.

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Nodopato has 3 hybrids. I think 3 hybrids should be max.


I want vulnerability impact for all ankys!

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Ankylosaurus gen 3

This idea seems familiar. lol

It surprises me that this isn’t a thing. Or even 1x damage for 3 turns with a cooldown like Ferocious Strike.

I know it’s non-hybrid hybrid, but if we mix Indom Gen 1and 2 and Indo Gen 1 and 2 and then mix up these two together…

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Cautious Definite Strike, Mutual Fury, Defense Shattering Rampage and Cloak

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Lolz? Are you advanced to some future language?? :grin:

That was my first thought as well,Indom and Indo G1 and G2 fused

Nodopata is an epic hybrid not a common gen

Ok so it’s my turn

Rex X
Rarity : legendary

HP : 4350
DMG : 1850
Speed : 105
Armor : 0%
Crit : 30%

Defense shaterring strike
Defense Shaterring Impact
Precise defense Shaterring Rampage
King’s roar
(Priority, buff every allies dmg by 50% for 2 turns)
Cooldown : 2 turns

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Yes, but is the only creature ingame, that has 3 hybrids => anything else could have 3 hybrids max.

I’m just asking for an epic Velociraptor Gen 2, one like the ones featured in The Lost World and voila!

Velociraptor Gen X

rarity: legendary


  • Life: 2500
  • Damage: 1250
  • Speed: 133


Cautious Strike
Specify Pounce
Devastation (damage x 3)


Swap in Pounce: Damage x 2, reduces target damage by 50%

this smart girl would be a nightmare in the game and literally force tanks to be relevant again XD

I’m still surprised Nodopato is the only creature with three superhybrids, but maybe they’ve been avoiding that. Splitting the DNA of one hybrid among three others can be annoying, especially if one or more is very strong and desirable to have. If you are more inclined to collect than create the most powerful team possible, it’s easier, but that’s still a lot of DNA to churn out.

The easiest hybrid to create three new superhybrids for would probably be Majundasuchus because its components are everywhere and we all have buckets of DNA for it. Could probably try it with Ankylocodon… Alankylosaurus as well, since Anky 2 is plentiful and a lot of people have a ton of Alanqa stored up since it isn’t worth spending on a subpar legendary.

I’d make a super Kapro if I could. I’m almost at lvl 30 for mine.

Ooh, also, we need gen 2s for a handful of common dinos! I want an adorable new Stego. Maybe with red banded plates, gray or rich golden brown skin, stripes along its back or limbs?

Epic raptor gen 2 patterned like the ones from Jurassic Park 3? Rare gen 2 apatosaurus that looks like it dwells in swamps? Iguanodon 2, Parasaurolophus 2?