A simple "are you sure?" pop up


After careful planning & play, I finally advanced to player level 12 & the resultant “ONE TIME OFFER” purchase (which is $50 at this level) & made the decision to sacrifice a few things & buy it (I like eating oatmeal anyway). The $7,000 dino cash I received as part of it was very nice.
But as I was “window shopping” & examining potential purchases, I apparently twitched or tapped (by accident) & spent over half of it on a premium incubator I was merely only curious about & had no intent on buying. In my mad haste to beg Ludia for help I then discover their “fine print” which says they do not use an “ARE YOU SURE?” feature & there are no refunds for accidents such as mine.
I’m on a fixed income & now extremely dissatisfied with the end result of an error which in all likelihood would not have happened were there a pop up double-check in place.
Why not add such a simple feature?


If you have an iPhone contact Apple they refunded me £48.99 when I bought something by mistake.


I completely understand your irritation.

And going back to Apple won’t work since the error wasn’t on the purchasing of the in-game currency… it was in the spending of the in-game currency.

I had a similar experience with Vudu, they have all kinds of confirmation screens when “buying” their free first episodes… but when I was looking at a Trilogy to see what the cost was for HD over SD… my wife accidentally hit OK on the Roku controller instead of the Back button… and the only confirmation I got was that it was purchased and the option to “watch it now”…

Fortunately Vudu is well aware of their setup and are familiar with the return process of taking the movie(s) back and eventually refunding the money. It’s a sneaky process that undermines the good faith we put into a company… which to me is more damaging than the gains they get from “accidental” purchases.


you have to tap the incubator in the store, then another window opens and you have to tap the cash to buy it. so there’s no way to buy it accidentally tapping your screen once.

leveling up dinos though, you could accidentally do


Trust me. I opened it only to see what it offered. I had no intention of buying it & pressed the wrong button by accident.