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A sinoceratops incubator for sale - really, Ludia?

I really must question who is making decisions for the game at Ludia. They have been killing many alliance members motivation with not changing the alliance reward dna - ever, and now they just make it even worse with offering sinoceratops incubators for sale. Do they not see a problem with this?

I think it’s for the themed strike event tomorrow. But yeah, of all things why a sinoceratops

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This has to be so far down the list of problems.

Just don’t buy it if you don’t want it.

I don’t see a problem with this and I do not know why they would either.




Ditto was going post you beat me too it,

People want to boost that THOR! Let’s sell a Sino incubator!

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Who the hell runs out of Sino these days

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RM80? That’s cheap!!! Its about £15 but they sell £20 here in the UK.

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We got $20 USD so it’s a bit cheaper than UK i think

Yea that’s why I always purchase things using my US app store account.

Now I feel like getting a Malaysia account :joy:

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Maybe. Saving money because in app purchases don’t know price conversions

Still need Sino. Always need Sino. Just not paying that much.

Be doing that tower though.

Yeah. I’m doing that for the fact that it’s an epic incubator tho

Altho we can assume it’s going to be a lvl 30 allo, utah, and sino, so it will be a bit annoying

These type of complaints make me weep for society.


Why because players want a better option? As a lot of players have invested money into this game they have a right to voice their dissapointments. This game has alot of potential and even in its buggy messed up state there is still fun to be had but ludia really doesnt help their own cause.

Of all the forums i have visited over the years on games, this has to be the most negative and most complained about which tells you something.

True there is some here with spoilt attitudes and we all have a rant from time to time but ludia, with every decision, make this game more and more frustrating.

While it is just a game at the end of the day and far more important issues out there, it is still offering a product that doesnt serve very well.


I live in the UK too, and I’ve learnt that the UK usually gets the lower end of, ‘offers’. Hmm… would you call it an offer, it’s more expensive!

That sucks. Ludia just pick a damn price and convert it for everyone else

No, because the reason they want a better option is secondary to a spoiled attitude and a give me what I want feeling of entitlement. Just because some have reaped in 500 Sino DNA every week since the inception of Alliance missions doesn’t mean everyone has. I’m sitting on a measly 27 Sino DNA right now. If I thought that incubators were any kind of good value, this incubator would appeal to me personally.

What about the people starting today, not in alliances, who want this DNA?

There are a lot more important things about the state of this game to be upset about compared to how lucrative the DNA in an themed incubator are.

He is complaining about the fact that it costs 20 bucks. That was is way too much. Especially when Tommorow you can do a strike event for the same incubator