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A sinoceratops incubator for sale - really, Ludia?


The OP said none of that in what I read. That would be solid reasoning to not purchase the Inc but hardly seems like solid reasoning to be upset about it.


Whoops I edited my one reply with a bleeped out swear word and it’s been temporary hidden. Hopefully the mods will forgive my indiscretion of the expletive term used to describe 1.7 and let it come back :smiley:


For a game to be enjoyable, it needs to be balanced. By flooding the game with one type of epic dna, it creates an imbalance.

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If I want certain dna, I go out to get them or battle more to get incubator-only dna. For those who want the dna, go out and hunt for it. That is what you do for an AR game.

One of the worse things about the game is the lack of balance. But another problem is the things to keep people motivated in the game. Alliance missions were a great addition to the game. But it is stupid to have the same reward all the time.

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Yes, if we want to talk about how this potentially upsets balance if the game that is an intelligent complaint and criticism.

I question weather they may have alliance rewards set to quarters. I think that is how some other games handle certain group rewards. I use to play a lot of contest of champions and I think it cycled every three-four months.

I’ll be excited for a shift of alliance rewards to breath some more life into the quests, but I’ll be sad to see Sino go. I need more.


I’ll agree with the apologists in this one instance–this is fishing for something to be mad about. On this forum $50 incubators are considered a “deal”; this $20 one should be a bargain.

Why you would consider giving Ludia money with the game in its current state is another discussion entirely.

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I’ll wait for one week to get 500 Sino from missions instead of of purchasing 200 guaranteed +200 (1% chance) incubator. Seems like they’re out of their mind

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Only thing I’m mad about is they released 2 hybrids new that need baryonix gen 2 dna and most people are way past the arena where you get his dna


If you’ve passed the arena you still have a chance at the DNA in incubators, it’s just diluted out. I have gotten more Irritator DNA from my time in lockdown than I ever did from my time in badlands.


Wish it was ourano


Maybe they will remove or change the Sino fromt the alliance missions


Hi, out of curiousity.

  1. Are you Malaysian? From the incub on sale price it seems that you are…:blush:

  2. I am getting the same. But at different price though. The incub on offer is RM89+.

Thanks in advance.