A small buff to hasst Maximus

We all know that hasst max is one of the weakest apex’s in the game,I’m proposing a buff which makes it better suited to take out fierce creatures and have also included rocket alert,its counter from the raid.also given it stun and distraction immunity hitch giving it the amity to heal when Threatened

A another concept

Piercing Talons should only do 0.5x dmg

Even if it is 1x damage,it still loses to resilient creatures

Bleed is a Fierce Trait


Ref has it,spin-off con has it,hydr boa has it.so it having bleed doesn’t do much

Spinocon is a Cunning Fierce

What about ref,and hydra?

They are both Pure Cunning

And they have bleed

Yes.Fabled Fangs and Super Distraction

So your argument is invalid,ref and hydra are both pure cunning’s and they have bleed

But why is Spinonyx a Cunning Fierce?

What?how is Spinox being a cunning fierce have anything to do with this

I think i figured it out it is because of Precise Rampage

What does that have to do witha hasst max buff thread

I was comparing DoT creatures why they aren’t Fierce or Are part cunning

Do it in a another thread

K i will do it in my JWA Off-Topic Thread

Nonononononono you cannot just give a super, super, SUPER beefy cunning with priority rampage, heals, and dodge spam a full damaging BLEEDING counter. No. Stop. If you’re gonna do this, haast will need a major attack nerf. I’m talking 350+


Nerfed it’s health and attack,and lowered the percentage for bleed