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A small little buff request

Hi there I’m going to make this brief as this has been a thought that’s been bouncing around my head for a little while.

I would personally like to see a small but significant buff to Entelomoth, why? Because I really like it in terms of design and functionality and I would like to see it be better.

A simple change for me would to give it a rampage of some sort and bring its damage above the 1000 range (maybe 1300?)

I’ve included an example.

Hopefully the devs are around taking notes for rebalancing and see this post.
Thank your for reading have a nice day.

P.S buff enteloania as well it’s kinda sad.


Entelomoth is fine as is.

Entelolania definitely needs some love though. At least enough to make it an acceptable alternative to Mammolania, especially if Elasmotherium just doesn’t show up very often for some players.

I do think Entelomoth should get a buff, but not like that. You’re ruining a lot of raid strats by taking away GSI. I think buffing it’s attack is probably the safest thing to do.

They should buff the eagles and ankylosaurs . They’re the weakest creatures

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No snakes? Spinocon Gets crushed beneath everythings feet.

Constrictor is weak but he isn’t as weak as eagles

True but the snakes aren’t as useful as the ankylosaurs considering the ankys are useful in raids.

Looks good to me

I think moth is good as it is because imagine they took away its GSI to RI that would not be good so i like it how it is.