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A Small Miracle Just Happened to Help Do the Impossible in Aviary!🤯😱🤯

A total accidental Dino chosen button press somehow pulled off the impossible for my lvl 20 Legendary Turtle against the enemy’s lvl 30 Stegodeus!! {Apologies but this is a visual representation, since we all know nobody will believe a total stranger by just my word. :hugs::wink:}


Which move was accidental?

Now heres’s my proof that my lvl 20 Legendary Turtle is totally unboosted for any possible skeptics or nonbelievers. :100:


Me clicking on him to be the swap in creature. I didn’t mean to choose the turtle at all. lol

Well, it should do well against stego because it has the armor and ability to regenerate

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we can see if the turtle is boosted from the arena level square…


It was a very bad matchup for stegodeus.
Stegodeus shine against speedsters,distractors and dodgers.
Anything which destroy armor or get a good armor are good against him.

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Wait you can?? …hmmm… ( ok so after re-evaluating my above screenshots) my I ask if my final assessment would be correct if I assumed that you mean by looking at how the Stegodeus red square has a white highlighted outline around it & my legendary turtle doesn’t??

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Damn that’s impressive! One of the first time I’ve ever seen a Red turtle. Could this be you? (Old photo from 5 months ago)


Carbo is nice.
Sadly,it struggle against anything with fierce.

cough cough the Two Terrors max and Tryko

Max shoudl’nt have DSR,it is a mistake made by developers.
As geminititan,they both shouldn’t have the possibility to wreck armor and shields.
A Chomping tank or how to destroy the balance of the game.
For tryko,it should be more a chomper than a tank and should be rebalance