A small problem


I have a small problem,

In my top lineup is missing amphibian and I don’t know how to solve it. Any advices?

My two level 20 mastdontosaurs, two level 20 and two level 10 Diplosuchuses, provides a sufficient number of amphibians in the team overall and I’m afraid that their evolution could be more damaging, because it would reduce the total number of amphibians. My Gorgosaur Is locked and only one unlocked tournament amphibian Deinosuchus is already maxed. Any tips?

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yeah I have having problem finding any amphibian that is level 10 tapej power, Maybe 30 diplo/ostopo might be good

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Ostapo is a good hybrid to have but it’s expensive. You can keep 1/2 lv20 of them along with keep hatching diplosuchus . Everyone got some form of amphibian shortage while moving up in ferocity. You just have to deal with it by using strong carni or metriaphodon to deal with carnivores at times.


Tbh theres no problem pumping dna into copies of ostaposaur, i think it’s great, even in my lineup il use the level 40 over the level 30 gorgo because of its higher attack so investing in multiple copies of ostapo will be helpful to you even through to the end game. Probably going to make a second copy of it myself even though I have gorgo unlocked.

Just wait for Thursdays discount and buy a few, they will be pretty cheap then.


isnt that discount on Sunday?

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No that’s a hatchery discount, I meant the 20 percent dna discount on thursdays.

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i am using 15% off for vip in sunday and also i dont know there is better discount, which time exactly?


If you switch your SDNA to Diplo, you should almost be able to complete one a week between events, SDNA building, and Code 19s. This would allow you the ability to fuse some up fairly quickly as an aside to any DNA Dinos you go after.


focus on these 3 for now

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Pretty much this ^

Your only options for a lvl 1 indo amphib roster are

  • lvl 20 Gorgo
  • lvl 30 VIPs
  • lvl 30 Ostapo
  • lvl 40 Koolasaurus (lvl 30 would be weaker than lvl 30 VIPs)
  • lvl 40 Diplosuchus

I would say fuse your diplosuchuses to level 40. Unless you have another lvl 10 Ostapo, don’t get her to lvl 30 just yet.

like @Sionsith said, just grind out sarco SDNA. that will beef up the number of amphibs you have until you start making headway with Gorgosuchus or Ostapo. Could also invest more LP into buying the 10k VIP packs for more amphibs, but that is the much riskier option.

I am just have set sarco, and ankylo SDNA, That gigankylocephalus i dont like but i want get 2000 for unlock, for now,

but back to sarco, I mean diplosuchus. I actualy keep collect Sarco SDNA and hatch always two diplosuchus together. Now I Have: level 30 1x, level 20 3x

but i think i targeted maintly ostaposaurus now, maybe i get 3x level 30 or maybe 4 or 6, he is strong and he is my fav. hybrid so when i made 6x level 30 i can be able 3x level 40 later

what do you think about? (also still keeping hatching diplosuchus)

i do not planning create koola until i dont get enough cards for second level 40 Sarco, also i dont like him and he is weak. i will max him when it will be his turn, but not preferably

First level 30 ostapo done

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