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A Small Request For/About Apexes (Not a Nerf/Buff Thread)

This isn’t a nerf or a buff thread, just a neutral thread.

Apexes are big creatures, right? Demoted bosses, if you will. In that case, I propose that each Apex gets a sort of “Super Move.”

Something that does a lot of stuff relevant to their class, and is extremely powerful, but is locked behind hefty cooldowns and a turn-long delay or two. They’d also go mostly off of flavor, because Lord knows there isn’t enough of it in this game (seriously why is an ankylosaur able to outrun a hadrosaur).

Here are my ideas:

Mortem Rex:

Just subtract the vulnerability from this one, as I made this during a small thing about Fierce creatures having the vulnerability debuff shifted to them. This would allow our guy Morty to get a heal, in exchange for his ability to cleans any and all debuffs.

Note the lack of a cleanse on the move. This move would take the place of Cleansing Impact.


Stampede is part of a new rework for Ceramagnus that makes it a Wild Card, so it might not make total sense here. In essence, this is a Group Distracting/Greater Stunning Impact.

Hadros Lux:

Admittedly I designed this as a neutral change for Hadros, erasing the priority component but giving it a shield as a compromise. This helps it body Cunnings better, as it should, but it still perishes in the face of DoT since it can’t just say “No.”

It’s simple, yes, especially compared to the other moves here, but its effect is reasonably strong to keep up with the other Super Moves.


A better Super Distraction, really. Super Distraction as a move concept is good, but the amount of Quarter and Half chances Ref has is just detrimental to it. Venomous Blast is meant to remedy that to an extent.

Also that Distraction is meant to be “1 Turn, 1 attack.” I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that up.


Is this a bit much? Probably. This is meant to take the place of Gorgo’s nulling rampage, as well as further exacerbate is losing matchups to Resilients and winning ones to Fierce Creatures.

I’d tone this one down, most likely. Scratch that, I will tone it down.


Fabled Fangs was actually what initially gave me this idea to begin with, so I think it’s fine.

Haast Maximus:

Ravenous Rampage gets its place taken by this new move, and I think Piercing Shriek or whatever it’s called might need a slight change as well.


I do like the idea of Apex dinos getting “signature moves” like these, as long as they’re balanced. Makes them feel more exclusive. The newest ones seem to have these at least.


I’m happy with giving the apexes a signature move as long as we can keep them balanced.

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I like a lot of these Signature moves. Pretty brilliant idea.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who came to the conclusion that Fierce creatures like Mortem need access to some sort of defensive mechanic. Heals based on damage, in theory, allows them to sustain
against Resilient Burst but doesn’t help them against Cunning speed and damage evasion. Would be a proper buff that Fierce creatures need to actually balance the Arena. We have a Resilient meta right now because the Fierce class isn’t strong enough to do it’s job.

Devour sounds like an excellent idea to weaken it against it’s counters while improving its effectiveness against the Apexes it SHOULD counter. But I think that Vulnerable should probably remain a Resilient mechanic, but I think that Resilients should probably rely on it a bit more to deal relevant damage, thus weakening their burst potential against Fierce.

For Stampede, is this replacing Acute Stun or Precise Rampage? Rather than Distract, I would probably have Stampede Decelerate.

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Like I said, I designed Stampede as part of a full Magnus rework to make it a Wild Card. Here’s the rework itself:


I really like the mortem one though I think the cooldown should be 2 turns