A small visual bug

Bug Description:
This is a visual bug that has to do with the revenge system. The glitch happened with the opponent’s side and I’m not sure if it happens to the opponent themselves if battling another player. The bug is the revenge effect staying after the dino is defeated.

Area is was found in:
I found this while doing the speed boost battle you find on the map.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- kill the opponent’s first dinosaur
Step 2 - have them put out a revenge dino
Step 3 - one shot it the revenge Dino and the revenge effect should stay.

How often does it happen:
I’m not sure I reported it as soon as the battle was over. I have also yet to see if it happens in other battles as well or if it’s just the speed boost event.

What type of device are you using:
IOS 10
Anything else?
This will be a more in depth explanation of what happened.
Indorapter (Unique) lvl 21 boosts 0hp / 7atk / 2spd
Allosinosaurus lvl 20 no boosts
Indominus Rex lvl 20 no boosts
Monolometrodon lvl 20 boosts 6hp / 0atk / 3spd
Turn of events:
I send out Indorapter and opponent sends Erlikosaurus.
I use cunning strike and opponent uses distracting strike I use cunning again and Erlikosaurus is down.
Opponent sends out Deinocheirus and I one shot it with cleansing impact. The revenge effect stays.
Last Dino is Erlikosaurus gen 2 and one shot with rampage.
Glitch disappears after battle ends but stays with the victory animation.
Sadly I didn’t think to get a screen shot in the moment I will if I have any other bugs to report, and Ludia thanks for making this game.

This is a pretty old one, been there since the beginning of Revenge abilities I think

Ah I didn’t know it was my first time encountering this but thank you for informing me that it was an old bug.

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