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A Solution For Boosts

A lot of people have been complaining about boosts ever since they were added. A lot of people have suggested solutions on how to fix them and a lot of people just want to see boosts go. Unfortunately this is not possible. A lot of people have already spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on boosts. Removing them is not a good idea anymore. But I think I have a solution to make them more tolerable. (Disclaimer: someone might have already suggested this idea. I am not stealing it from anyone.)
My solution: A simple thing ludia could do is to add a new arena. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. An arena could be added were only boosted creatures would be allowed. It would be exactly the same as our current arena. Our current arena on the other hand would be changed to a non boosted arena were even if you have boosts on one of your creatures they would not count in the non boosted arena. Pretty much the game would be just like it was before boosts were added in the non boosted arena and in the boosted arena it would be like it is now. And to incentivize players to battle in both arenas, each arena could yield different rewards at the end of the season. For example the non boosted arena could give you DNA for the creature of the month (pretty much like it is now) and the non boosted arena could give you other rewards like more boosts, coins and maybe different creature DNA. It is not a perfect idea but I think it would make the game way more enjoyable. If you want to battle with boosted creatures, battle in the boosted arena, if you want to battle with normal creatures, battle in the normal arena.
Where my idea falls flat: Well the only problem is that we already have these two arenas in the game. Skilled tournaments and Advantage tournaments. Yes they are not exactly the same. In skilled tournaments creatures have a fixed level and you can usually use 1-2 rarities but you get the point. If Ludia were to continue with this idea they could probably try to rework how tournaments work so they wouldn’t be the same as the two arenas? I don’t know it is complicated. Hey who knows, maybe the could add a whole new rarity to the game, Tournament rarity, (something like tournament creatures from Jurassic world the game if you have played it) and these Tournament creatures could be only used in tournaments. That would make tournaments different from the arenas. But again this brings up more problems like: who would we acquire the DNA for these Tournament creatures. If they were the DNA reward in the non boosted and boosted arenas at the end of the season then the players that finished higher would be able to unlock these creatures and level them up to a higher level which would instantly give them an advantage over lower level players that didn’t finish as high and got less DNA. Again it is complicated but I believe ludia could maybe find a way around it.

Thanks for reading and I would love to see some suggestions and maybe some work fixes for my idea!


Nope… this is not a video game where they care about happiness over money. You make a arena with no boost (which I agree that it would be nice) but there goes people buying boost almost completely I bet. Their goal is to get people in a position where they want something so bad that you can’t help but buy. All these complainers are prime meat cause you feel week and helpless. Well don’t worry the shops always a click away!! :joy: they are so bad that they know how much more ppl will pay for speed boost that any deals always have less speed than attack or defense.

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The problem is big, but the solution doesn’t have to be as wild. First thing you could do is remove boosts from 1/2 the advantage tournaments (the other half being based solely on level). The next thing you could do is tweak speed and other boosts harder to reflect customizable “additions” to stats that are worth less (not more) than levels. You could also try the pokemon style of showdown EVs, either via making boost levels unlocked and then moved around freely on a creature, or by battling with a creature to unlock boost slots. Lots of potential options here that neither remove boosts from the primary PvP season nor make them essential in their current state to play the game.