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A solution to battles

Dear ludia,
Please give us the option to battle AI before waiting for the timer to run out. It would make the arena experience much better. Battling ai when we choose to would make the arena a lot better.

And to those saying “if you fight ai you wont climb”, I’d rather not climb, stay where I am, and have a fair chance at winning then go on a 4 game losing streak because my opponent has 4 levels and 10 stat boosts more than me.


I would like this option as well tbh. Tho if a lot of players just battle AI, it’s easier to get wins and incubators. This may lessen the impulse to purchase boosts, which means less sales. So in ludia’s eyes, not a good move lol

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If you don’t care about climbing and only battle for incubators, just drop to an easier arena.

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I’ve tried amd still have this problem. Plus a higher arena means a better starting point for tournaments

While I agree, they also need to better fix the other areas in the battle arena. Fix and better refine the matchmaking in both the battle arena and tourneys. 2nd have a fully unboosted version of the battle arena. Have the same levels, such as Lockwood Library, Aviary, except with the main difference being no boosts in the unboosted arena. The rewards for both boosted and unboosted arenas could alternate, like have coins, boosts, even bucks in the boosted, and DNA rewards in the battle arena. As for the tourneys, have more varieties of requirements, have the rewards alternate like coins and boosts in Advantage Tourneys, and DNA in the Skills Tourneys, and etc. All these changes would entice more and more players in the PvP aspect in the game.

This is a brilliant idea, I suggested a very similar idea quite recently. I doubt they will even look at your post. If people start fighting AI so as to not be part of their embarrassing attempt at a matchmaking system, it could mean fewer people buying boosts, which is something Ludia will never compromise on.