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A Solution to Refresh the Game: Expanded Roster

With the introduction of 2.0 and the class system, it’s impossible to disagree with the idea that the arena experience has become stale, uninteresting, and predicated on the luck of how one’s team is drawn. The prevalence of certain creatures and the creation of Apex creatures only exacerbated the problem, limiting creature diversity and restricting the endgame team composition to be made up of a select few viable options. In future updates, a flexible team roster size would alleviate some of these issues. The feature would be, in and of itself, self-balancing because the fundamental arena mechanic of four dinosaurs being chosen would not change; rather, the pool from which those four creatures are chosen would be expanded.

  1. Diversity in the Arena

Rather self-explanatory, but by the very fact that more creatures would be selected to fill players’ rosters, there would be diversity in the arena. In the current state of the game, many players hesitate to level and boost a particular creature even though they genuinely enjoy playing it because it would be taking up a space on the team that could otherwise go to a meta dinosaur. With a flexible and customisable roster size, the arena would see an influx of new creatures and, by extension, players would be forced to experiment with traditionally overlooked creatures to provide new counters.

  1. Cost and Benefit

The nature of this new mechanic would have a cost and benefit built into itself for all playstyles, regardless of whether one chooses to stick with the minimum of 8 dinosaurs or build a team of 50. At first, those who stick with the basic 8 would have a consistent draw of four boosted and levelled creatures, but as the other group of players progresses, they may find themselves without adequate counters to emerging non-meta creatures. On the other hand, a player who chooses to run a massive team would have the advantage of drawing variable creatures with fun and exciting playstyles, however this would be at the cost of predictability and overall team strength.

  1. Longevity of the Game

Most long-term players are frustrated with the current state of affairs because the connection between the hard grind and arena success has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit back, speed through weekly Apex raids, boost the Apexes, and dominate opponents with hard-earned uniques. With an expansion in team size, players (specifically, veteran players) would have a new incentive to not only max and boost the basic squad of 8, but potentially develop new creatures to fill an enlarged roster. The thrill of the hunt would be brought back to the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post, feel free to drop your comments and thoughts below!

-UnicornWizard :t_rex: :t_rex:


So basically you would need a minimum of 8 dinos on your team, but there would be no upper limit?

I like it. For simplicity though, I would probably cap the max team size somewhere around 12-24 dinos. That should still be plenty to work with.


Minimum would be 8, I suppose there could be an upper cap of 24 or 32 dinos. At the end of the day, the desired result of more diversity should be the same


I’d say 12 would be a great number 16 would probably be the most I could see without it being too bloated.

One thing that should change with it is adding more fierce and more cunning creatures due to a team of 12 or 16 of end game stuff would likely be 8-10 resilient 2 fierce and the rest cunning


12 or 16 would probably be optimised for competitive PvP play, but I know some players like @Colin_Goodman that enjoy playing each prehistoric creature in theme teams, in that case I think a 24 or 32 creature roster would be appropriate

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If I had to dig down for 24 creatures I’d go from a team of all 27-30 to having a few level 20s on the team that would be rough

oh it would be fully customisable, so you could have as little as the current 8 creatures on ur roster or up to 32, or anywhere in between


I had a similar idea a while ago, and mooted my thoughts in a post on here

To cut a long story short what I thought would be good wasn’t that well received but I still believe this is the way forward.

Even more so now with the apex dinos being so prevalent.

I would honestly like to see the roster increased to 12 or 16 as of now for everyone. Even if this is only to give more chance of making the battle more interesting and less likely to be the same old, it just makes sense.

The only people who won’t like this idea are newbies who are perhaps struggling to get a team of 8 strong enough, but everyone who’s been around since the early days will surely agree that this is the way forward. And at the end of the day it’s so much easier today to build up a team than it was back then.

So come on Ludia, please look at this idea and give us veterans something to keep us interested.


as much as i would like to use 12-16 creatures instead of 8, i’m sitting here looking at what i have on the bench and i don’t see myself currently adding anything. i don’t want to add any of the 21 (soon to be 22) uniques i have on the bench . each is either just plain bad or heavily struggles in the current meta.

so, yeah i would like 4-8 more creatures on my team, but there really isn’t that many if any at all i would choose at this moment.

I’ll just repeat what I said on the other thread about this.

No, I don’t get tired of playing my same eight dinos every time, because over the years the meta has shifted many times and therefore my eight-dino team has shifted many times. Right now I have a team I’m fairly happy with – all level 30s with 27+ boosts each – but I expect the next update to “rebalance” some creatures and force me to replace at least one or two. There’s also a rumored boost shuffle incoming, so even if nothing on my team gets nerfed in 2.6, I’ll likely take advantage of the shuffle to replace a member or two.

I’m not a F2P player, but I don’t buy anything besides VIP. I usually hang out in high gyro with the occasional foray into low shores. If my team were expanded from eight dinos to 12, I would suffer a lot. I don’t have extra boosts lying around, so I’d have to spread my existing boosts over four extra dinos, making my entire team weaker. My only benched level 30s aren’t very useful, so I’d have to use some level 26-28s and my team level would drop as well. I wouldn’t even come close to shores anymore; I’d fall back down to low gyro or even library… which is already jam-packed with players struggling to get ahead. We need solutions that allow more people to break into shores, not ideas that result in pushing the majority of players down.


That’s not what the proposal is , if I’m correct in what is being suggested it’s flexible, so if you wanna stick with your 8 that’s fine , but if like others you want to expand you choice you can , I think 16 should be max , but in all fairness I’m open to what ever as I’ll only select those I want.


Scenario: I’m lucky and I have 12 dinos about equally boosted and I can use any of them. (Let say all the top tier tyrants and trendy dinos)

1: I use only 8 out of those 12, but pick them carefully as I see the meta evolving. I can change them anytime between fights as I see fit. By having just 8, then let say the meta is too much about swapping, I throw Grypo, Testa, in my team and have better chances to pull them out of 8 than 12…

2: I throw all 12 dinos in my team. Meta goes swappiing again. Yes, my Grypo and Testa are already in my pool, but I have way less chance to pick the dinos I need.

Basically, I would always pick 1, and adjust my team as I feel by picking only 8 of those 12 and knowing I have better odds to pick the ones I need.

So, just playing the odds, and not adding more RNG into my team as I need to.

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Yeah, I know the proposal is “if you want to,” but let’s be real, many shores players have 30/30s on the bench (some of them still really good creatures!) and could easily slot those back in, while those of us who only have the eight dinos to use wouldn’t be able to compete. The top players would just get even further ahead.

Although, what real_gambler said is the more likely scenario. Top players already have that variety. They’re already swapping their stable of 30/30s around based on each other’s teams. They’d likely just continue to do that rather than expand their team size and risk more bad matchups.

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I dont really see the point of expanding the rosta. There’s maybe 12 or so meta relevant creatures, so you need to expand past 12 to stop getting the same ones in each squad. People get annoyed now at RNG picking the actual team. That’s only getting worse the bigger squad you have to pick from.

All it does is benefit the people throwing money at boosts. And even then, only at the expense of mid-game players. It’s no solution.

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As long as it wouldn’t mess up the ability to play the theme teams as I like to, I’d be happy with something that promoted more variety in teams.

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If it was custom most people would put it as low as it goes

It would be pretty epic if I could have at least 10 dinos on my team

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While I like the thought of increasing the roster, I don’t think it will create more diversity in the arena if players are also allowed to keep just 8 on the roster. With just 8 on a roster, a player has a better chance of drawing their 4 strongest dinos from their roster. Players that are looking to advance or hold their position won’t risk having a weaker team drawn out of a larger roster so they are going to stick with the minimum roster of 8.


Even if you (as in any one of you) wouldn’t personally expand your playable team, it doesn’t hurt you to give other players the option. 8 dinos is still optimal, and I’m sure most players would still keep only 8 dinos on their team. But if I can’t decide whether to run Mammolania or Diorajasaur on my team, why should I be stopped from using both if I want to? Even if the benefits are small, there isn’t really a cost for anyone besides players who choose to expand their teams. So I say why not add this feature?


I’ve been calling for 12 dino teams for ages now, and totally agree, there’s too many choices and very limited use.