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A solution to the tournament


I brought up this idea a while back briefly. I think one of the easiest fixes for many of the “problems” that so many claim do and don’t exist or suggest ridiculous fixes for is a second tournament.

This second tourney would assign a numerical value by rarity. So something like 1 point (common) to 4 (legendary) and then limit the team total to 10 or whatever points per team (probably no uniques for this). The exact numbers could be debated or even change for tournament cycles. This would allow and encourage the “diverse” teams and expenditures. This tourney would not supplant the main tourney nor should it’s rewards do so. However the rewards could still be very good and probably focus on helping players with more limited teams do more.

This would also relieve some of the stress folks have about “OP dinos” since they could have a tourney that does not include many of them.

We have lots of free time between the main tourneys so I think this could be fun. There could even be time for a third tourney that goes with equal levels but I think that would be a seriously boring RNG competition or a “what have you unlocked” competition and rather purposeless for the game anyway.



When they announced the tournaments that would exist along side the seasonal pvp I really was hoping they would do something like this with them. This is a format i could really get into.

This post got me more excited about the post then anything ludia has done.


I didn’t mention it but this also preserves so many of the things about the original tourney while giving a whole separate place to have fun. I do think some tweaks would be fun in tandem with this like not having cost increases for Dinos above lv 20 epic and below etc…

Plus there could be lots of simple points tweaks among tournaments that make an even more varied team set up in some cycles (less points, lesser rarity). Add to that doing more off the wall things that have been suggested would not be terrible for this tourney as an alternate tourney like rewarding overall wins along with trophy counts for rewards etc.

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Stuff like this is what this game needs…more modes to fight in beyond just the ladder and friendlies.

Along with this I would love for them to adapt a clash royale style challenge mode… one that would be like friendlies… dinos capped at 26. Would require a hard cash buy in… like 250… play till you win 12 times or lose 3 times… prizes could be for more less dna then an epic incubator but more coins. This way you can potentially earn more coins then buying them outright but its not guranteed.

This would give Ludia more monetization options which they seem to be looking for without having to take content away.

With the amount of hardcash given away in alliance daily and facebook and twitter f2p people could also spend their hc on this as a potential way to boost their coin earnings.


Another way to do the teams and way to pit people against each other is the make it so your teams highest and lowest dino can be no more than 20% apart in level.

If you highest dino is 26, your lowest can only be 21. If your highest dino is 15, your lowest can only be 12. You can play any level team you want and will be pitted against another team within 1 to 2 levels of your team average.

Use a play off process where you have to win 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 to move up in the play off rank. Have 6 play off ranks so if you win all 6 ranks, you get the 1st place 24 hr incubator. 2nd place would be a 12 hour incubator, 3rd place, an 8 hour incubator. 4th place could be a 3 hour incubator. 5th would be a 15 min incubator. Allow players to be able to win all 5 incubators as they move up each rank.

This would make it so all players have a chance, not just those who played this game hard for 9 months. You could play a team of level 10 dino’s and win or even jump around with many different level teams. Play a team of level 8-10 and then jump to a team of 14 to 17’s. Then play a team of 20 somethings. What ever team you think you can win with.

Were all kind of stuck with our top 8 to 12 dino’s which gets repetitive and we’re playing against the same dino’s. This is why on my 2nd account I only play level 10 dino’s but still find I’m always playing against alliance rewards 3 to 6 levels higher than me in every battle.


Bump for all the terrible “equal level” tourney ideas that will not and should not happen. Read the OP.