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A song of the game right now

Add on to it at any time. No need to ask. I’ll allow it.

Over the bridge, down the valley, to the battle arena we go
To fight with dinos clean and fair
As everybody should know!

A walk back
Money gone
No need to sing this silly song
Nothing is right
Nothing is worthy of a song

But hey , maybe some Friendly Battles will help.
Maybe the tourney
To give me some help
My dinos are ready
My palms are sweaty
I’m sure I’m readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Money is gone
Dinos are “dead”
Meta has changed everything
Gators from swamps
White Raptors are glowing
Maybe I should be going?

Well, I can dart dinos more, and study them too
I’ll put my hat on
And my shoes
Because every day is a new adventure
And nothing is worth much less
And everything here is much more.

Oh yes, finally
Some good stuff today
Got a epic incubator
Might as well stay
My team is better
And my spirits are high
Might as well go to the arena and try again!

Trophys are gone, nothing is left
My dinos are garbage
I have little left
Corruption is around me, I don’t know what to do.
Maybe you can continue my adventure

Bye my friend
Because my time has come
You continue what I have done
Have fun and adventure every part of this place
For I won’t tell you, it’s yours to see, no one else

Poor kid, I should’ve told him of the horrors of this place. Oh well.