A story I made

Two Erlindominus were out on the hunt. They spot a pair of Tenontorexes grazing. They cloak, and try to dash, but it’s no use. The tenontorexes spot then through the cloak, and bash them. In a stand off, the erlindomini hit the tenontorexes, but soon are slowed after massive hits. They try to cloak, but as they do, a mighty roar can be heard over the distance. They see pink spikes over the hill, and sudden the Mortem Rex appears, along with his minions! The erlindomini try to communicate with the tenontorexes, and they come to a mutual agreement. The Mortem Rex charged them, and soon a stand off starts. The erlindomini quickly destroy the minions, but Mortem just laughs. He doesn’t see that the tenontorexes though. Right as Mortem lies his head for a bite, they slam him hard. He roars, and his tail hits them all in his blind fury. The erlindomini scratch Mortem’s eyes, distracting him more, and one of the tenontorexes bash Mortem’s Head, almost cracking his nose. The ground rumbles, and everyone sees the other tenontorex almost roaring. The erlindomini feel something they never had. There bones started to mend, muscles repair, and was it just them or was there skin patching over before their eyes? However, Mortem was having none of that, and tried to crush one of them, but missed. He started to use his own healing, and everyone could soon see the anger in his glowing eyes. The erlindomini cloaked, and the Tenontorexes swapped who rampaged and who healed. Mortem crushed one of the Tenontorexes, and with a critical hit, almost killed him. The erlindomini, seeing what happened to their ally, quickly destroyed what remained of Mortem’s health. Looking back at Mortem, they realized that was only half of his health. And then something strange appeared. It was the Velociraptor and Majungasaurus again! The erlindomini almost didn’t kill them for fear that they will revive. However, they rampaged at the last second, which allowed the Tenontorexes to destroy Mortem with their rampages. Mortem was hit so hard that they could hear his nose break. He roared, and slammed them with his tail. Angered by this, the erlindomini scratched his eyes, while the Tenontorexes smashed his legs. Mortem tried to grab one of them with his rampage, but missed. Fearing that Mortem would cleanse, the erlindomini cloacked, though they knew it was futile, but the Tenontorexes managed to heal everyone back to full health, and Mortem didn’t cleanse, which caused him to miss the group once again. Enraged, Mortem did cleanse this time, but not before hearing the sound of 4 combined rampages coming at him. On a sliver of health, he hit everyone one last time. As he took his final breaths, everyone when to distract him, with the final blow being by the erlindomini. After successfully defeating Mortem, the Erlindomini took off their VR headset, and did their little victory dances. The Tenontorexes also did theirs, and then quick asked for help in getting out of the headset. After a bit of trouble getting the headset off, the Tenontorexes said,” Thanks for inviting us! That was fun!” The erlindomini replied,” Thank you for joining us! We couldn’t have beaten the mission without y’all, though the healing was new!” The Tenontorexes were about to say something, but then the VR headsets started to hum. Everyone backed away, and then something burst out of the headsets!


let me guess…evil nemo?

Not exactly. That’s funny though

it was because of the ready player 2 stuff