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A story of gold


After playing for a few months, mostly after the last update the biggest issue in my mind is gold. At the moment I have more than enough cards (xp) to level My Wizard from 9 to 10, but I don’t have the gold to do it. I need a little over 2200 for the upgrades, then 2100 for the level itself. I also have a quest to complete dungeons with 4 character classes (24 times), that not a big deal, but it’s another thing that is going to cost me more than I will get from completing it, unless I take 8 days to do it from free challenges. I do have 2000 gold right now, but since I hit Renown 10 there is an epic item to buy in the store almost once a day, getting epics is SO hard I can’t pass those up, so I need to have at least 1K, if not 2K just in case. This is because the upgraded abilities from Epics are so important to making my team stronger

So I need gold to buy Epics (almost the only way to get them), gold to upgrade cards, gold to level up characters, and I also need gold to finish the Quests from Laeral (about half the time). Then I need gold to play the game if I want to play more than every 5 hours. Also, as this is the best way to get cards, I need to spend more gold to get cards since cards equals levels and power. This is far too hard on my purse, everything costs gold, and there is not enough of it.

Playing the game (challenges) shouldn’t cost gold. Period. Please remove the gold cost for challenges.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I get most of my gold from selling common equipment back to the store, I dislike doing this as that’s how you upgrade and level up, but it is the best source of income in the game unfortunately.


These were never issues, but an update a few months back that made most beta users quit destroyed the game.

When you get pushing level 16-20 you will find that you would need a full year of 10 or more bosses to be able to just get enough gold to level.

The game has become a complete cash grab.

The devs released a new character and offered the beta testers to play it…at a cost of 70 dollars.

That alone tells ypu all you jeed to know.