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A stressful game that I miss

My phone broke down two weeks ago, so I haven’t been able to play JWA… And I have to say, although I miss my beloved dinos, the battles and the hunting, I’m less stressed without it! I mean, the game is fun and it has many qualities, like making me want to walk more (which I really need to do), but it would be so much better if they just gor rid of all those stressful things that we’re all familiar with… Just stating the obvious, I know, but I believe that’s even more imperative than many people think, including Ludia guys.

Anyway, I plan to come back as soon as I fix my phone or get a new one. But still, this is a welcome break from the game. I miss it, yes, but way less than I thought I would.


My break from the game was amazing. I got so much more done and also was less stressed out in general.

I’m considering another, depending on 1.6. Not because I’m ticked at the game, but just because the time spent hunting. (I’m just not the type to play casually. I’m all-in or not at all.)


I just passed 4750, after being there a week ago and dropping all the way below 4500. I’m gonna tap out there on this tournament, but still do strikes and what hunting I can. Battles are the only things that stress me out.

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Hmmm I agree… I had a month long break from it and joined back at the same time as the pterosaurs… I got loads done.
Alas, I’ll always be a casual player…

I haven’t stopped playing completely, but I do have less of a desire to hunt. I only go out and hunt when I feel like it and I don’t push myself to keep hunting if I don’t find it enjoyable (I also avoid the arena as much as possible).

A good example would be this week’s epics. Not only did I have a scarcity of Special Event drops in my area, 90% of them were Brachiosaurus. I went hunting for a few hours and found 4 T.rexes and none of the other 2. It was typical Ludia: “Here’s a dino everyone needs but we’ll reduce the number of stops and have the dino no one wants spawn more often because we want players to buy our crap overpriced incubators.” So I just closed the game, went home and did something more productive.

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I was kinda like that too. That’s why I thought I would miss it more… But I think after this break I’ll be more of a casual player

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Winter has forced me to slow my playing greatly. I’m not darting much and skipping alot of the smaller towers unless like right there conveinient. I go hours at home without even looking to see what might be out side.

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OMG I get that there’s less stress not playing but missing bulk strikes and Indo darting chances = losing trophies essentially . Sorry to hear your phone broke but also congrats you found the silver lining!

I’m finally back and OH MY GOD they really managed to make Monomimus REALLY useless now :rofl::rofl::rofl: