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A suggestion about Evasive moves


Many people have expressed their displeasure about evasive moves and how it can change the outcome of a match without any particular talent or strategy. My own experience agrees with such claims, since many times I have won (or lost) solely on the fact that a dino dodged an attack.

Let us consider Indominus’s Cloak. 50% chance to dodge any attack for 2 turns + the double damage at the next attack. I propose we throw that 50% chance out of the window and replace it with something more tactical: 100% chance to dodge anything on one turn and 0% chance to dodge anything on the other turn. Who chooses which is the dodge turn? The player who uses Cloak. So instead of a 50% chance to dodge every turn, you have to predict when the big damage is coming so you can evade that turn. However, the other player can also predict when you are going for the dodge turn and strike accordingly. Furthermore I believe that in this setup indominus should get his move last, so people won;t be able to abuse it when faced with a slower dino than him.

Overall, this is how I see it. I am not sure how it could be applied to 1-turn and 3-turn evasive moves, but it could follow the same train of though somewhat. What do you all think?

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It’s not just evasive attacks but also swap in attacks have a 60-40 chance of doing full power attack and have lost many of games for me very frustrating.


But, where would the fun come from, having strategy in the game rather than pure dumb luck?

It’s so enjoyable having an opponent beat, only to lose the round because your evades don’t and their crits do?

They only thing better is having your four worst matched creatures facing their best creatures because of dumb luck.

Love it! (Sarcasm)


Diminishing returns.

With 50% chance to Evade. If you evade then the next turn the chance to evade decreases to say 33%. If you evade again then the next turn your chance to evade decreases to 25%. The chance to evade resets to normal when evade fails, you swap dinosaurs, or your dinosaur dies.

Same with Cloak. If you dodge the attack your next chance to dodge is decreased, but if it didn’t dodge your dodge chance on the next turn is unaffected.

Stun and Crit mechanics should be treated as well.

The only time any of them reset to normal is when the mechanic fails, the dinosaur is swapped, or the dinosaur dies.


Evasive actions are not the problem. Swap-in abilities are too good and really don’t require skill. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are what was called in some other games “magic bullets” - something dropped in to alter the meta and force a change of deck/team when there really wasn’t a need to do so,