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A suggestion to change the stun mechanic

The current stun mechanic s pure RNG and tbh I don’t like it (I don’t like all rng factors though…)

So I imagine a new stun mechanic which is more interesting

So at first all the stunning moves have 100% chance to land like acute stun including SISS

The stun resistances aren’t anymore rng like “this creature has 75% to resist a stun” it’s way different

Remember to the current % of chance of the stunning move ?

Well let’s just reserve them to stun resistances

Let me explain

SISS has currently 66% to land so creatures who has 67% stun resistance is immune to the stun effect but if you use others stunning moves like SI or AS the creature isn’t immune to their stun effects who have 100% chance to land against him

So basically this is what we have

SISS and GSI cannot fail except if the dino has at least 67% stun resistance

GSS, IC and SIHD cannot fail if the dino has at least 75% stun resistance

Immobilize, AS and SIN cannot fail except if the dino has 100% stun resistance

As you can see I’ve made some changes like SiN who got a buff so it’s not a worse version of SiSS in every point

Also with this change that means the minimal stun resistance is 67% so that means Acrocanthops who has only 34% stun resistance should have 67% after this change

Basically with this change there’s no more rng with stuns, the moves always stun except if the creature has the right resistance


This would be good, except it’s a MAJOR buff to sarcorixis.


Yeah that’s true I guess but Ludia still hype us about a new balanced patch so I guess Rixis will get a nerf

I’m interested in the idea of making all stuns 100%. Some dinos (like Rixis) might then need nerfs, but we really shouldn’t be relying on RNG to balance out dinos in the first place.

The thing is, as much as you may want to, you can’t get rid of RNG entirely from this game. Crits are still a thing, as are dodges. And even among resistances, swap prevention resistance only gives a chance to successfully swap out. I think I would just have stuns work like swap prevention: every stun move has a 100% chance to stun by default, but your stun resistance determines your chance of being stunned. So dinos with 0% stun resistance will always be stunned, while those with 75% resistance will only have a 25% chance of being stunned. It’s still RNG, but it’s easier to calculate on the fly than how stun resistance works currently. And they can always dish out some more 25% or 34% stun resistances to make stunning moves stun 75% or 67% of the time.


I see your idea here
Personnally I prefer my version but tbh that’s just me who hates rng even though you can’t get ride all of them like crits who must stays but it’s still interesting to changes it and limits the “it’s pure luck here”

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Yeah, I think I would prefer your version to what we have now, with appropriate changes across the board of course. Of all the places where RNG can be limited, stuns are one of the best. Dodge is another.


Ya cause I hate when ever I have like a tenato or mortem with me and have rinex and my only option is instant charge and I don’t even try cause first I need the rng that I get a stun then rng if the stun will even land and or get resisted rather just be oh 75% oaky better be careful.