A suggestion to improve the balance in battles: adding missed hits to the game!

Ultimately, find a solution to the problem. I can tell you its the matchmaking that kills arena for me. Individual dinos if.OP can be obtained and boosted to same. Being matched with an entire team.of OP and losing both the match and a huge amount of.trophies is not.

Dodging, crit and stun are all RNG and thus angering potential.

I.agree with you. Thora and Draco arent the problem. They are a response to the main problem: boosts and matchmaking.

Attribute balance. Instead of boosts, its stat allocation. I dun mind that. Only problem is usage.

Honestly, it all comes down to match making right now… if match making properly took boosts into consideration boosts wouldnt feel like an issue… if it even attempted to match up comparable teams.

Current match making allows heavily boosted teams to be matched against significantly less boosted teams if the less boosted team has a high level or some other irrelevant factor. It might work as a marketing tool but has nothing to do with fair match making.

Its hard to look at all other factors objectively and accurately see if the working well or not when such broken matches seem to be the goal.

If i have a complaint about boosts its that they were implemented in a way that had 0 impact in that were all still running pretty much the same teams since November… now were making what seems like lifetime commitments to those same teams.

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well the first isn’t my idea,but i find it necessary.